(FS9) Reaching Out to Fellow Franchises for Advice

Your fellow franchisees are a big part of your team and community. You’ll meet a handful of them during training and it’s important to keep their numbers and other contact information for further reference. If you can maintain regular contact on a weekly basis or more by close proximity, it’s all the better. You don’t have to restrict yourself to only contacting fellow franchisees when you are in time of crisis. You can also continue contact to help keep each other up-to-date on new information and exchange tips about what’s helping each other in your location. It also never hurts to have a friend who understands what you’re going through because they’re in the same business.


Friendships Within Franchises Between Franchisees

Friendship doesn’t have to revolve around the industry or the franchise though. It can continue towards finding inspiration in one another. It can continue with discovering new ways to defeat problems that have nothing to do with work then carrying that information over to your franchise. It can be something as humble as how another franchise owner deals with the success and modesty of their business.


It can be extremely easy to make friends with other franchise owner’s employee if they are in your geographical location. Befriending neighboring franchisees can also offer the same perks as friending your neighbors. Are you out of something important and yours shipment won’t’ come until tomorrow or the day after? Talk to your friends the franchisees and they might be able to loan or give you some of theirs just like asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar when you’re making cookies. shutterstock_235978066


Establishing Resources Through Established Networks

In most cities, the IFA has established a monthly network meeting for franchisees, franchisors, and suppliers. These meetings are in cities around the United States and are a great place for meeting fellow franchisees and franchisors who aren’t part of your system. You can build more support through the franchisors and franchisees of other companies, but be wary in approaching and speaking with members of the same industry or your franchise’s competition as you don’t want to break any rules in your franchise agreement.


Advice for Seeking Cohorts as Business Partners

As you seek relationships with your fellow franchisees, keep in mind that they may not want a relationship with you. Don’t take it personally and just move onto the next individual whom you might want to become allies with. Leave the hard feelings at the door and leave yourself open just in case the rejection you once faced turns around seeking your hand in friendship at a later date.


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