Category: Fellowship Between Franchisors and Franchisees

Aug 15
(FS9) Bringing the Best To Your Franchises On Your Own

Not all franchisors or franchisees are open to the idea of a franchisee association or council—or what if you’re the first franchise? There are new franchises opening up every day, so what then? As exciting as it is to be number one, you also have to remember you’re like the oldest sibling, setting the example […]

Aug 08
(FS9) Joining Advisory Councils and Associations for Franchises

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″] Franchise advisory councils and associations give order to the franchise universe. They offer communication among franchisees as well as franchisees and franchisors. If you’re a franchisee, you’ll want representation of some kind and a system that welcomes you and that’s what these things do.   Franchisee Advisory Council for Franchises A franchisee […]

Aug 01
(FS9) Reaching Out to Fellow Franchises for Advice

Your fellow franchisees are a big part of your team and community. You’ll meet a handful of them during training and it’s important to keep their numbers and other contact information for further reference. If you can maintain regular contact on a weekly basis or more by close proximity, it’s all the better. You don’t […]

Jul 25
(FS9) Working Your Way Through Conflicts That Occur in Franchising

There are many reasons why a business might run into conflict. It could have crossed a legal boundary with another company, it could be bought out by someone else, it could even fall into debt because the franchisor is making poor decisions on Research and development or other expensive things. Most franchisors should tell their […]

Jul 18
(FS9) Managing System Size or Focus Changes in Franchising

Dealing with the change in franchising is harder when you’re not paying attention to changes with corporate on a regular basis. As a franchisee, you should be kept up to date with what’s happening around you and in your company when there are any major developments. The worst thing possible would be to distance yourself […]

Jul 11
(FS9) Franchising Research, Development, and Office Support

All great franchisors try to keep ahead of the curve and their competitors when it comes to technology, research, and development (R&D). Part of R&D is to understand the changes in the market, to see opportunity for new products, needs, or services, and to encompass how to fix them through the franchise.   Most franchisors […]

Jul 04
(FS9) Maturing Your Franchising Relationships as Time Passes

When you pay your franchisor’s regular royalty bill, you’re not paying for services. You’re not paying for support and extra help from the franchisor, so how do you insure success? One way to get the most out of the relationship is to treat the franchisor’s success with fair respect. You can’t build franchising relationships on […]

Jun 27
(FS9) Building Successful Relationships in Franchising Systems

In franchising, you will be a part of a team. This means you will have some kind of relationship of some kind with someone. Often times it’s a similar love-hate kind of relationship that kids have with their parents. To fully be prepared for the type of parenting your franchisor will provide, you need to […]

Jun 20
(FS9) Making Changes to Your Franchising Systems

While you are purchasing a complete system from a franchisor, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for change or ideas. In fact, any good franchisor will encourage franchisees to come up with ideas that the franchises can benefit from.   Changes Are Normal in Franchising It’s important to know that when the franchisor does try […]

Jun 13
(FS9) Supporting Changes and Improvement in Your Franchising System

In franchising, you will always be under the supervision of the franchisor—usually from a far. Their involvement with your will probably be limited to updating system materials, corporate meetings, and checking up when something goes wrong. With that said, it’ll be important to protect yourself and your business by following the rules. There are also […]

Jun 06
(FS9) Fellowship Between Franchisors and Franchisees in Franchising

As part of a franchise, you’re part of a network, a team, and a greater community. You’ll be given direction, procedures, rules, a system, and a whole flood of people that won’t be directly with you, but are a part of your team. You’ll want to know how to relate to them and to know […]