Yabo’s Sports Bar and Grill is Expanding – New Unit in Athens, Ohio

Yabo’s Sports Bar and Grill is extremely excited to announce the opening of their brand new location in Athens, Ohio! This is a huge opportunity for Yabo’s in that the Athens, Ohio area is an ideal market for the Yabo’s amazing food and deliciousness that Yabo’s has been offering for years. This is the fourth store location that Yabo’s is opening up and the entire Yabo’s family is super excited to share the brand and exciting concept with new customers and a new market. The proven business model and success that Yabo’s has had over the years is showing to be a business model that has the diversity to work in multiple markets and with unique demographics.  Unit sales have been consistently growing by leaps and bounds. The entire team has worked hard to consistently train and deliver an amazing product to each location and every customer that walks into a location. This is at the core of what has made the Yabo’s Franchise program so attractive to potential investors from Ohio to New Jersey and everywhere in between. 


Location, Location, Location

When you’re considering opening up your own franchise, you want to consider location as one of the prime factors as to how successful your restaurant franchise will be.  Although Yabo’s is a powerful competitor in any market, the restaurant space is mature and requires the right placement in the right location to be as successful as possible.  Part of the Yabo’s franchise formula is to work closely with franchise investors to understand their market, find the best lease rates, tenant improvement opportunities and locations to place a Yabo’s franchise.   

You also want to consider what is around the community and how to better become part of the neighborhood.  Yabo’s thrives on being a center piece of the town or city they are located in and people look to the concept as a place to meet with friends, family and acquaintances. For example, Athens is a great college town offering a wide variety of customers from college students to local residents. This area is the perfect market for Yabos’ Tacos and Bar and Grill as the concept has enough variety and diversity to offer something great to a family with young children all the way to a young college student at Ohio University.


Franchise Model

If you’re considering a franchise opportunity of your own, you want to find one that has a proven successful model such as the Yabo’s franchise. The Yabo’s brand offers a full team of support staff to get you from the start of your search all the way to the finish line of running a successful, sustainable restaurant location. The Yabo’s team provides you with the know-how of finding the ideal location, supporting you during build out, brining established vendor relationships, proven restaurant marketing campaigns and a dedicated team of restaurant franchise support professionals. You want to have a full team of support and experience on your side in this business and that’s exactly what you get with the Yabo’s Franchise opportunity.

Happenings with Yabo’s

Yabo’s is proud to host a large annual corn hole tournament coming up in August 2016 that will be the host to 60 different teams from around the Ohio, Michigan and Indiana markets. All the proceeds of this event go to different charities in the area that Yabo’s stands behind.  Yabo’s is also hosting an event on July 25th 2016 to celebrate two of the local wrestlers in the Columbus area making it on to the Olympics team. This celebration will host nearly 200 people at one of the corporate Yabo’s locations and will be a celebration of the local accomplishments.  Being part of the community and supporting local athletes is part of the Yabo’s culture.


As you can see, the Yabo’s brand not only offers fantastic food, a fun, exciting experience and a community focused brand, but also wants to make sure the company gives back to the community they are in. Be a part of an amazing opportunity and discover the Yabo’s franchise opportunity today. You don’t want to miss out on this great potential investment!


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