Tackling the Challenges Faced by Start-ups

Tax preparation

Tax planning is one of the key elements in setting up of a good business strategy. This ensures that a business startup is compliant with the required tax laws and the business tax returns are filed accurately and timely. It is a complex and intricate process that requires expert services such as those offered by RMH Business Solutions service providers and tax preparation experts to come up with the best tax strategy to suit any business’ needs. The RMH team and people work collaboratively with business owners to ensure that you understand the tax laws and are compliant with the rules and then plan, craft and implement the discussed strategies. Some of the services offered by RMH include yearly tax preparation that include the federal and state returns and comparison of current year trends.  For a franchisee, this offers their business model consistent revenues, regular client interactions and a constant value proposition for RMH clients. 


Payroll services

Coming up with an effective payroll system for a business owner could cost a lot of time and energy that could be better spent, not forgetting that it is an extremely complex process. Common errors or checks not being cut timely to the IRS and employees could result in hefty penalties. This is where RMH Business Solutions comes in, to keep at bay the headaches that could have been. They do this by providing bi-monthly, monthly and even quarterly payroll services based on the needs of your company. Also provided are IRS and state tax reporting and EFTPS tax deposits. THEY also ensure that your payroll records are maintained accurately.



We all know that excellently balanced books are crucial for the success of any business. The complexity of this task is enough to strike fear in anyone wanting to start a business. This should thus be done by someone with relevant expertise and training. At RMH Business Solutions we offer a full range of bookkeeping services which include invoicing, sales tax calculation, QuickBooks setups for new businesses, expense management and bank statement reconciliation. All this will go a long way to ensure that a client’s books are above board and in line with the actual running of the business.


Establishing a successful business is not an easy process. A lot goes into the formation of a business and if you are confused about what they need to do to get things running, a business might fail before it even starts. All the elements involved in a start-up can be overwhelming and thus the need to outsource certain business services and leave room for the entrepreneur to focus on the growth of the business. Knowing that you have a helping hand in handling vital business processes like bookkeeping, tax preparation, and payroll can give a business owner a cutting edge over the competitors. 


For this reason, RMH franchisees benefit from strong operating models, amazing value to the client and a business model that is laden with revenue streams.  RMH Brings a model to the franchise market that offers a strong value proposition, great training and a system that leverages infrastructure and technology allowing virtually anyone to start a business in the accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services management fields.   


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