Why The Art Truck Franchise is such a Compelling Story

The Art Truck started out as an art-inspired party and education organizing company operating as a start-up business back in 2011. Fast-forward to five years of partying later, the wonderfully unique company has hosted and delivered highly creative parties for kids and adults alike throughout the Connecticut market. Based in Glastonbury, Connecticut, the Art Truck recently launched the franchise model to markets throughout the United States to build the brand and expand the service model to families and children in new areas everywhere.  The concept is exciting from the standpoint that the business, industry and segment for children’s services and education are all in high growth mode and The Art Truck model is directly tied into these segments. 


The Woman Behind The Art Truck


Our company’s founder, Maura O’Shea, is an artist as well as a seasoned professional in art education, management consulting, museum management and arts entrepreneurship. The Art Truck was borne out of her 18-year career in art. Before the company’s celebrated success, Maura started the business from her very own backyard.  In the beginning, the mobile feature of the company was practically due to budget limitations, specifically the lack of affordable commercial space. Today, we now have an actual brick-and-mortar party studio based in Glastonbury. Nonetheless, we, at The Art Truck, still continue to offer our mobile party truck packages that most clients have come to embrace and continue to prefer.


Why You Should Be Excited


The Art Truck is not your ordinary party planner as it offers a whole new approach to celebrating birthdays and other special occasions. It is supercharged with creativity and fun, breaking the monotonous convention of parties. Catering to clients of all ages, it gives the gift of creativity to the guests, one party at a time. This out-of-the-box experience truly is a breath of fresh air, engaging guests in hands-on ornament-making, glass painting, mask-making, personalized cupcake designing and other edible art, plus a whole lot more! We always make sure to update and add to our list of new and exciting enrichment programs for all ages.


What Makes The Art Truck Stand Out


We, at The Art Truck, take pride in our art-infused mobile party packages. Mobility plays a huge factor in the convenience and satisfaction of clients, who can freely choose the venue of a party – in their very own backyard, the beachfront, or wherever – minus all the hassle of moving party paraphernalia and whatnot. Plus, clients are also saved from cleaning up all the party aftermath. Kids and kids-at-heart can freely enjoy expressing themselves through art, and the parents need not worry about all the sticky and glittery party mess. Rest assured that we’ll take care of everything – from pre-party to post-party considerations, and everything in between!


The Art Truck Franchise Guarantee


Whether it’s to celebrate your loved one’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day or some other special occasion, we at The Art Truck, guarantee that you and your guests will have a blast! We offer party packages for families, schools and businesses. We also assure that any party will be carefully and meticulously planned, prepared and managed, positively marking any special occasion an unforgettable celebration of art.


For more information on The Art Truck Franchise, visit http://www.thearttruck.com