(FS10) Franchise Advertisements Will Effect Your Public Relations

Public relations officials say that using PR to keep your brand in front of the customer is not only cost-effective, but can significantly increase your target audience’s brand recall which can bring them back to you time and time again when they’re in need of a product that your company happens to offer. Non-paid media placements are one of the best ways you can do just that.


Planning for Your Advertising Campaign

As you plan and prepare your advertising campaign, make sure to let your staff know all about the promotion and to give them tips or information on personal advertising, which can be as little as talking about the business when they’re in a regular conversation. Let them know what they should do in order to help advertise the company. This can start happening the second you begin planning your franchise as it’s important to have a customer base ready before you even open your business’s doors.franchise training


Local Market Advertising is Serious

Almost all franchisors take local advertising seriously. You’ll more than likely have to document your expenditures on advertising to a pretty detailed extent. You should have an operating manual that you received after signing the franchise agreement. This manual should have all you need to know about what expenditures count as business-related and which ones don’t. Every franchisor will have a different set of rules as to what applies towards advertising in the company. If you’re ever not sure about what’s allowed or you need guidance on your own advertising project, your franchisor can be an excellent resource, especially in picking the best media for your advertisement as well as an analysis of marketing costs and what fits into your budget. Franchisors can also assist in evaluating the effectiveness of your promotions and campaigns.


Some franchisors might help prepare advertising materials to be used by the franchisees. Some of these materials include:


  • Advertising, publicity, and promotional kits for the grand opening
  • Billboard materials
  • Direct-mail pieces
  • Newspapers, yellow page ads, and coupons in modular form
  • Point-of-sale materials
  • Promotional contests
  • Public relations kits


Customizing the Campaign for Your Franchise

Most franchisors will have layouts prepared ahead of time that are customizable for each franchisor to put their coupons, deals, or exact information on while still maintaining the look and feel that is set by the franchisor. Broadcasting advertisements can be similar to this in that your franchisor may give you a tape for whatever radio spot you have while leaving a small amount of time for you to put specifics about your franchise on there.corporate franchising


Before you advertise, there are two things that you always need to be sure of. One is that your system and store is fully operational and ready to take on new clientele while offering the same high quality service or product in the promised time it should take to the current clientele. After that, you must remember before submitting anything regarding advertisements, check that you’re in compliance with your franchisor so that no legal lines are crossed on your part in an attempt to better your business. Your franchisor wants to see you succeed and shouldn’t have a problem with your advertising efforts as long as it is not detrimental to the company’s name, brand, or reputation.


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