Invest In The Hambleton Handyman Franchise Program

Invest In The Hambleton Handyman Franchise Program


Hambleton Handyman has been in operation in Virginia for over 10 years, earning itself a place in the community and several repeat customers. The brand’s best form of advertisement has been through word of mouth as well as recommendations from its satisfied clients. Hambleton Handyman is now ready to expand its operations through a franchise program.

When two handy brothers started this business in 2005, they intended to create a reliable company that residents could call for all their needs. They intended to make the company trustworthy so that the residents would feel safe with them in their homes, and also recommend them to other people. 12 years down, Hambleton Handyman is trusted among residents, and their most valuable assets remain their employees and their customers.

Hambleton Handyman is ready for expansion, and the management believes in o better way to do that than through franchising.

What Has Made The Company So Successful?

In the 12 years this company has been in business, it has served an incredible amount of people in the North Virginia area with raving reviews for the quality of service and accountability of the handyman service team. These are the primary reasons for the brand’s success.

Skillful Staff who Care About the Customer

To work for Hambleton Handyman as a handyman, one has to have at least 15 years experience in the field. The staff at Hambleton is specialized so that everyone deals with what they are best at rather than doing it all.  The first and most important job for all the handymen at the company is to do the kind of job that will make the client happy. The management also performs background checks to be sure that the person representing the company has clean records.

No Payments Until…

The heart of Hambleton is the community the company serves, and so invoices are not the priority. The most important thing for the business is the customer’s satisfaction, seeing as Hambleton’s biggest business comes from word of mouth. A happy client is a repeat client, and they will spread the word in their circles.

Why Join The Network?

Starting a business from scratch is quite expensive and labor intensive. In the current economy, it may take you a lot of time to break even or capture a slice of the market share. Joining an already established network enables you to hit the ground running. Other people (we) have already done the donkey work, and so all you do is take over from us.

  • Franchise Marketing Systems

The handyman franchise offered through Hambleton is one that offers marketing, business development and sales models that are proven to create opportunities and drive revenues.  By leveraging the franchise marketing systems in place through the handyman franchise, you will benefit from our years of learning the business and proving how this model should work.

  • Great Investment

Our brand, though highly valuable, is reasonably priced. The investment is lenient yet guarantees to start making profits from the beginning. We offer support from the first day of operation and continue that way as long as you remain in our network. Before we let you have the franchise, we train your new staff to ensure that they keep up with the Hambleton standard. We continue to offer support throughout your life as a franchise.

  • Profitable Partnership

We will reveal all our financial records so that you can see how the company is doing. You will be investing into a profit-making venture, and it can only get better for you in the new area. We space out our franchises so that no company will be within a radius that could affect the other’s business. Your branch will be the only Hambleton Handyman franchise in your area.


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