Event Planning Industry Shows Strong Growth

Event Planning Industry Shows Strong Growth


EventPrep is a home-based event planning and management company providing service to clients nationwide. Founded by the United States military veterans, EventPrep focuses intensely on minimizing time, money, and burden that is placed on clients when planning corporate events. With Florida as their location for central headquarters, franchisees provide effective and inventive solutions for various event types, such as conventions, seminars, meetings, trade shows, special events, and incentive travel. Each aspect of the event coordination is taken care of by EventPrep, from start until finish.


Organized Event Demand

According to recent studies, the demand for corporate events remains strong. The main reason for this is the more than eighteen-million meetings, conventions, and events organized each year within the United States alone. Approximately $280 billion is generated in spending with labor income at about $66.8 billion.


The events industry adds about $115 billion to the gross domestic product of this country with an additional amount of $14.8 billion revenue toward federal tax and another $13.2 billion revenue toward state and local tax. This means that the event industry alone adds more to gross domestic product than movie production, performing arts, spectator sports, or air transportation.


Organized Events Reliance

Due to numerous locations, the majority of corporations depend on organized events for the gathering of their members. Although online communication is popular, the preferred interaction for the majority of individuals continues to be face-to-face. The health of an organization heavily relies on events. For this reason, forecasts for growth through the year 2024 is expected to be ten-percent. This industry extraordinary growth is greater than the national average of seven-percent expected of all other organizations.


Reported by IBIS World, the event planning industry is made up of more than 200,000 United States businesses. Data indicates a 4.8% annual growth for this industry. Moreover, five-percent revenue is controlled by only four industry players, with no company holding dominant marketing shares. This unique occurrence allows for more powerful competition throughout all players in this market. ‘


Save Money Starting a Event Planning Business with EventPrep

EventPrep offers entrepreneurs and companies already in the event industry an opportunity to build a successful financial future. With an EventPrep franchise, you save money when opening a business and experience fast growth.


EventPrep is a globally recognized brand name in the event planning industry, founded by professionals with many decades in the event planning industry. This experience allows them to provide support and guidance that is unmatched in this market to franchisees. Prior to commencement of operations, off-site classroom training is provided to ensure there is a full understanding of the EventPrep business model. Once operations have commenced, support and assistance are provided with on-site training. Ongoing training is also provided up to two days per year for refreshers/updates within the event industry.


When choosing to invest in an EventPrep franchise, you become a business owner but are not alone in the process. Support is continuously provided to ensure you are a successful franchise owner.


To learn more about how the event industry is growing and receive detailed franchise information, contact EventPrep today!


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