RockBox: Incredible Client Results = Great Fitness Franchise


RockBox: Incredible Client Results = Great Fitness Franchise

You’ve been to the normal gyms and heard the horror stories about gyms only focused on collecting memberships.  Maybe you’ve tried their routines, their fitness plans and nothing seems to work except your credit card at the start of the month when they charge your monthly dues. You need something that is going to push you to your limits, but also ensures that you’re getting the work out for your specific body, for your fitness levels, and for your own specific lifestyle.  This is what makes RockBox so great and unlike any other fitness service in the industry, it is a dedication to the client’s results and helping people be the best version of themselves through fitness and life choices. 


The RockBox Value is Tremendous

RockBox encourages and inspires everyone that comes through those doors to work their butts off to get the best that they can get. You don’t have to worry about what others think. You don’t even have to worry about what your friends or family think. You got this and RockBox has you covered.  The model is based on community, accountability and an intense focus on personal goals.  Upon entering, everyone gets the inspiration, the motivation, and the butt kicking that they need to get in shape and stay in shape. Whether you’re working with someone that pushes you, are listening to the tunes that keep you motivated or just go in there to make friends and see what fitness goals everyone else has – this is the place you will learn more and get more.


Strength training is something that goes all the way here and they want their visitors to feel that great all over body workout. RockBox provides many different options for strength training workouts to choose from and each one is tailored to meet the needs that you have.  Build more muscle, shed some extra weight or just get your life back on track – you can do it all when you become a member of RockBox. They welcome one and all inside their walls and want to make sure you feel welcomed and motivated to meet those goals you’re after.


You get the benefits that you pay for when you sign up with RockBox. You get the ability to work with a personal trainer that custom-fits a fitness solution to your own body. You get the ability to go to a place and feel confident that you’re going to have a great workout and follow it with a wonderful day or night. Each and every member of RockBox has felt not only healthier but also more confident in everything that they do. The trainers make sure that those that come to them get the help that they need and the results that they want. They do not rest until they find something that works for that specific person. This is the way that RockBox is different from the rest. They care about those that come to them for help and will ensure that they get it.


You get excellence each and every time you walk into RockBox and not just from them but from yourself, as well. What RockBox has done for the fitness franchise market is make fitness incredibly approachable, fun and attainable for anyone.  The model is simple, compact and easy to duplicate.  Locations are sharp, clean, professional and fit exceptionally well into urban and suburban locations and can be managed by franchisees with little to no experience in the fitness market.  People need passion, energy and excitement for helping people, the rest is handled by RockBox corporate including the marketing, promotions, technology, systems, management and entire business system.  Franchisees are provided intense training in North Carolin and in the field at their location to help with a quick, efficient and effective ramp up of new member sign ups. 


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