4 Reasons to Get a Vinyl Fence from Champion Fencing


4 Reasons to Get a Vinyl Fence from Champion Fencing

Champion Fencing is a business headquartered in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Western Canada. The business specializes in providing high-quality vinyl fencing installation services. This type of fencing is increasingly getting popular thanks to its durability, ease of maintenance, versatility, and low cost, amongst other benefits. The goal is to provide quality products coupled with professional installations to ensure customers realize the best value after their fencing project. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider vinyl from Champion Fencing.  Champion just launched a franchise marketing system that allows entrepreneurs to open businesses using the proven fencing installation and sales system.

Fencing Installation and Maintenance Loaded with Value

Vinyl is a lightweight material compared to wood and metal and the fence made from this material often comes in prefabricated parts. When it comes to installation, the heavy equipment is not necessary. Despite being lightweight it is robust and requires little maintenance. You can clean the fence using a hose and you do not have to worry about paints, stains, or warping.

However, not all products made from vinyl are the same. Champion fencing contains additives that reduce the time and cost of maintenance. UV inhibitors prevent damage from ultraviolet rays, substandard products in the market may not have these additives due to economic considerations.

Durability and Fencing Product Quality

Quality vinyl products are not subjected to expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations. Vinyl fences also do not chip, crack, or peel when exposed to the harsh elements of the weather. It is estimated that a good fence can last 2 to 3 decades with only minimal routine maintenance and still retain its aesthetic quality.

Value Oriented Fencing Products

Some wooden fences may be cheaper than vinyl when it comes to the initial cost of installation. However, compared to wooden fences, the cost of maintenance after only a short time is going to be much lower. Vinyl does not require repainting or staining and is not subject to rust. The initial cost of installation is only marginally higher than wooden fences which will soon require you to hire a fencing professional to address rot, warping, peeling, amongst other maintenance issues.

Safety and Security from Excellent Fencing Products

If you are looking for a new fence for your property, you need something robust and strong. Weak fences allow security breach and can cause a lot of damage as well as injure people on your property. You do not have to worry about any instability caused by termites and pests on your property. It does not require paints and toxic chemicals to maintain its strength or aesthetic quality making it one of the safest options for your home.

Champion Fencing is renowned for building strong vinyl structures with the most durable materials. To ensure the fence is stable, 2 3/8 inches galvanized steel posts are used for the structure to provide the best stability. Fences also come with Aluminum rail inserts, as post leveling collars, and rail ties.

Essential additives are used to prevent depletion by ultra-violet rays. UV inhibitors prevent damage caused by temperature fluctuations. The vinyl from Champion Fencing is made using mono extrusion technology that prevents UV damage and coupled with a professional install you can rest assured your fence will last a lifetime.


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