Category: Understanding the Franchise

May 11
(FS2) Area Representatives & Franchisor RetroFranchising

The area representative is unique in the franchise system. They are the person the salesperson for the franchise and generally make a commission off of each franchise they sell. They answer questions, provide support for the franchisees and may have other responsibilities. In many cases they will also pay a fee to the franchisor just […]

May 04
(FS2) Multi-Unit Agreements and the Master Franchise

When you have a multiple unit agreement you will need to have two different agreements in place: the area development agreement and the franchise agreement. While it may seem confusing as to why you need these, the fact is that they each serve their own purpose. The area development agreement is what stipulates the rights […]

Apr 27
(FS2) What About The Multiple Unit Franchisee?

Multiple unit agreements, also known as area development agreements, are franchise relationships that give the franchisee the ability to create multiple single unit locations in a certain area. This is because there is an agreement upfront of a certain number of stores that will be opened for that store. The contract will generally define the […]

Apr 20
(FS2) Single? Double? So Many Franchise Options

Franchising is a great way for people, groups of investors or business entities to own a business. This is because there are many advantages and opportunities that it can provide. There are many different ways that the relationship with the franchisor can work depending on many factors such as the category, the size of the […]

Apr 13
(FS2) Finding Trends in the Franchise Industry

A great example of this is in the restaurant industry with franchising. You may think that all food based franchises are the same. Pizza restaurants are an excellent example of this. There are some restaurants that deliver and others that don’t. You will find that some offer a restaurant inside where people can enjoy their […]

Apr 06
(FS2) Franchise Series 2 – The Many Franchise Options

Every year there are more franchise opportunities that you can take advantage of. The only thing that really limits franchisors is their imagination and the skill-set that they have. Franchises can cover more than just food. In fact there are more than 120 different business categories that offer franchises, including car washes, hair salons, dog […]