Mimosa Salon Suites: The Best Option for Beauty Professionals Looking to Start their Own Business


Mimosa Salon Suites: The Best Option for Beauty Professionals Looking to Start their Own Business

Mimosa Salon Suites is on a mission to create 1 million feet of salon suite spaces across America. Currently, the business has been running a successful location in Conyers, Georgia. The concept seeks to provide a better option for those in the cosmetology industry who want to be their own boss and have full control of their clientele and working hours. Mimosa also provides business support and training to professional renting suite spaces.

Dedicated Personal Space for Personalized Salon Suites

Mimosa has suites measuring between 84 and 224 feet. Larger suites have three workstations equipped with chairs, cabinet, and other basic equipment. The cost of renting the space starts at $149 per week. While booths have comparable prices, they do not provide the same level of privacy and luxury.

Mimosa rental suites come with a suites décor package. You can have your suite designed the way you want. These rental spaces give professionals the opportunity to start providing services in their own private space that creates the ideal experience and leaves clients with a positive impression of their business.

Additionally, each suite contains the following tools and equipment:

  • Mirror
  • Towel Cabinet
  • Wash bowl with a chair
  • Hair Dryer with a chair

Be Your Own Boss in a Beauty Franchise With Exceptional Sustainability

Starting a business is expensive and requires a considerable amount of capital outlay at the onset. Some professionals prefer working on a commission for the security that comes with it. With Mimosa Salon Suites these professionals can get the best of both worlds by acquiring well equipped, luxuriously furnished and reasonable priced spaces to work in.

Business owners get full 24-hour access to their workstation. When you rent the spaces you can set your own hours. Each suite is structured so that it can be accessed at any time of day or night without having to leave the suite. You can, therefore, set your own work hours and adjust them when you need to without any issues.

Easier Transition to Owning your Own Business

Whether you are a professional who has been working on commission or renting a booth, the Mimosa rental suites can help you facilitate the smooth transition to start running your own business. With affordable and appropriately equipped spaces you can start bringing your own clients to your workstation without the high risk of putting aside capital to buy equipment and acquire your own space.

A Business that Works and Makes Incredible Sense. 

Besides providing luxurious suites at reasonable prices, Mimosa Salon Suites also provides business facilitation by giving business owners access to all the skills and tools they need to run a successful business. You will have access to information to enable you to run your business successfully. In addition to this Mimosa Salon Suites provides consulting, training, networking opportunities to business owners who need guidance in running their day to day business.

There are many ways business owners can benefit from renting Mimosa Suites. Working with others in the same business creates opportunities for idea generation and networking. There are opportunities for earning extra income through the referral system which rewards business owners who bring in other professionals to rent the suites.


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