Smash My Trash: Benefits of the Unique Approach to Waste Management 

Smash My Trash is a new waste disposal service from Houston that wants to change the process and economics of waste disposal for residential and commercial clients. To achieve this, the company has a patented compressor and an on-demand phone app. These two features have help maximize the efficiency of waste disposal processes namely dumping, collecting, and recycling to not only reduce the costs for its clients but also provide a more environmentally friendly option for waste disposal.

Dealing with High Volumes of Waste

It is estimated that America alone generates 220 million tons of waste annually. Companies in the construction and manufacturing sectors produce the highest volumes of waste on a daily basis. These organizations need an efficient way to manage their trash otherwise it will require a lot of space and create logistical problems for these businesses. Smash My Trash has two main features to its service that can help these organizations avoid these problems:

  • Trash Compression Technology: Smash My trash utilizes a simple patented compression technology that involves a backhoe-like mechanism that smashes the trash. Materials that can be recycled and salvages and the rest is compacted. The technology can reduce the size of the trash in your dumpster by up to 80%. It is easy to operate can be managed by the client on-site.
  • On-Demand App:  Once the dumpster is full the site manager will use an on-demand app to request a truck to come pick up the trash. The truck can be expected to arrive on site within 24 hours after the request was made.

Cut Costs and Save Space

The two unique features of the Smash My Trash service system can help organizations cut costs, save space and overcome logistical challenges. While it may cost you $500 to have your trash hauled away, it will cost you only about $300 with Smash My Trash. The cost reduction comes from the compression of the trash which means it takes longer for the dumpster to get full and therefore you only need to transfer the waste to landfills only a fraction of the time.

Additionally, the service can reduce waste disposal costs by reducing the amount of space you need to have before your trash can be picked up. When businesses in construction and manufacturing have an inefficient waste disposal system, they often find that they have more trash than the space initially allocated for that purpose. This can disrupt operations and result in significant losses for the business.

Eco-Friendly Green Solution

The waste contains a lot of toxic substances that continue to pose a lot of danger to the environment. Toxins can find their way through the groundwater systems and threaten ecosystems. By recycling materials and efficiently transferring the rest of the waste to dumpsters efficiently, Smash My Trash presents one of the best green solutions to waste management to date.

The service also reduces the number of trips the trucks make to landfills. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with disposing of the waste that would otherwise accumulate within your business premises.  The service has flexible packages so that you only need to pay for what you need regardless of whether you are a residential or commercial client.

A Franchise System that Works

The Smash My Trash franchise is unique, innovative and effective.  The systems that drive the model are focused on marketing, operations and business development and have been proven in corporate businesses to not only drive new traffic quickly, but also to create an operational system needed to scale within the franchise.  For more information on the Smash My Trash Franchise, visit the franchise page here: