The IDEA Lab Kids Franchise


 The IDEA Lab Kids Franchise

The IDEA Lab is a new children’s education franchise opportunity opened to business partners who would like to grow financially in the growing childcare and educational services industry.  It’ was time for a great business that also offered great value to the students, Idea Lab is just that.   


History of the Education Franchise

The IDEA Lab franchise is a unique franchise opportunity that was started by Ghazal Qureshi, a computer science expert and a data scientist.  The founder was looking for a summer camp for her kids that applied a holistic approach to learning and carried forward some of the ideals and principles that she felt were critical to effective education models.  Idea Lab was born out of this realization that there was a need for these services and opportunity to open the Idea Lab business. 

IDEA Lab has grown into an amazing children’s education franchise and has successful locations in Houston where it started in addition to franchisees in several key markets around the United States. Franchisees have the opportunity to generate revenue from birthday parties, elementary school classes, field trips, after school classes, amongst others making the business diverse and exceptionally strong from a financial standpoint.


Basic Requirements of the Idea Lab Franchisee

You do not need any experience to run a successful IDEA Lab business, however, you need to have a passion for children’s education. Having a background in childcare or education is a plus and could be beneficial, but certainly not a requirement.  You’ll be required to pay a $25,000 franchise fee which allows you to use the IDEA Lab brand name, access our intellectual property and pay for your franchise training and support. The initial investment you’ll need for the franchise is between $33,000 and $182,000, the royalty fee is 7% of Gross Sales. You can also work in a protected territory, the formula and terms for calculating a protected territory are outlined in the company’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). 


Education Service Marketing and Training

After you complete the franchise application, the franchisor will assess your suitability and fit as an Idea Lab franchise candidate. This helps to minimize risks and identify potential issues in the future for both franchisee and franchisor. Once your application is accepted you will be invited to the company’s headquarters in Houston Texas for a one-week training program.

The training will cover different aspects of running the business. Professionals at the company will provide strategic guidance on how to make your business successful in your particular location.  We have defined and proven the model for what needs to happen in a new franchisee’s market to build and launch a successful children’s education franchise business.   

The formula for making the franchise successful consists of three elements; location, a good concept, and a good manager. The company has a proven concept that has worked in Austin and Houston area. During the training, you’ll be taught how to make the most of the business within your territory.

Additionally, the franchisor will provide materials and tools to help you run a successful business. The company will:

  • Provide exclusive access to additional materials and proprietary programs that will make your business simple and efficient to run.
  • Access to information from the research and development team that is dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends.
  • A well-managed website that promotes your business and provides information about your services


Education Franchise Revenue Streams

There are two main ways you can generate revenue with the IDEA Lab franchise:

  • On Site:  This includes mobile camps and classes.
  • Off Site: This includes preschool morning hours, after school and weekend camps.

After running a successful franchise in Houston and Austin, IDEA Lab has developed a formula for finding schools in a given territory. The company will also assist you in signing contracts with the shared spaces and local community centers. The company has been working directly with the school district and also has a proprietary system that sets it apart from their competitors today. This is one of the best franchises for those passionate about STEAM Education.


For more information on the Idea Lab Franchise model, visit the education service’s franchise page: