Gathering Funds to Buy a Franchise for Sale

When you’re looking at buying a franchise for sale, you’re also looking at the heavy-handed costs that come with a business startup. The great thing about opening a franchise is there are so many incentives out there for people to become their own bosses. The money doesn’t have to come right out of your pocket in order for you to become your own boss with vending opportunities or other franchises. In fact, between startup programs, loans, and some franchisor-sponsored incentives, there are many more opportunities out there to secure the funds you need to take control of your financial future.


Ask a Relative

If you’re not sure you want to take out a business loan because of the interest you could end up paying, you can always ask a relative for a personal loan. You should only do this if you have a great relationship with the relative and you’re sure you can pay it back. The loss of the investment can mean the loss of a relationship in some cases. You also want to check whether the relative loaning you the money will want to take part in the ownership of your franchise. You want to think about whether this is something you really want to do.


Grants and Incentives to Buy a Franchise for Sale

shutterstock_130099715Due to the turning point in U.S. business ownership, there are a number of incentives out there for minorities and women that provide grants and startup money with no responsibility to return the investments. These incentives can be very specific to the franchise for sale that an individual is looking at. They are also always specific to the type of person they are given to.


Private Loan or Angel Investors

Angel investors can offer private loans with smaller interest rates to franchisees or business owners looking at a franchise for sale. The difference between an Angel Investor and a regular investor is that angel investors will give you money for your project, but will not demand to be involved in the regular business or operations. Regular investors may want to make decisions in your business in an attempt to guard or maintain their investment. Private loans also come with the investors who do not butt their heads into your business, but they often come with larger interest rates which can mean paying back a significantly higher amount than the original loan in the end.


Use Retirement Fundshutterstock_308144909

Perhaps you’ve been working for a company who offers a retirement fund. Even if you don’t’ retire, you can pull money out of the fund at the cost of a few smaller ‘early release’ fees. Depending on the size of the retirement fund, you may be able to make an initial or whole payment on the franchise for sale that you want.


With a combination of the methods above, there is no reason that a business owner hopeful should not be able to purchase the franchise for sale of their choosing. By using good accounting and financial skills you should be able to figure out how to pay back the loans as soon as possible.