(FS8) Being an Effective Leader for Your Franchise

An effective leader is critical to the success of your business. Your employees will look to you as a leader when things go wrong or when they don’t have answers. A confident and effective leader also leads to more confident and effective employees so it’s important that you know your role and you take it confidently.


shutterstock_129169541While your franchisor should give you information in their franchise manual, you are the one in control of your business, not the franchisor. You can take the advice in the manual or not, but do what works best for you and your franchise. Also verify your employment procedures with a lawyer or legal team if you have any questions.


Knowing Corporate Culture is Key

You can be a more effective leader by knowing the corporate culture. Your decision will be much easier to make if you influence them with the corporation policy and culture in mind. What you never want to happen is for the franchisor to stop by and be surprised by the way you’re running the franchise. You should combine your way of leading with that provided by the franchisor. On top of that, the number one rule for any leader is to lead by example. Don’t ask employees to do something that you wouldn’t do, and that includes working hard. If the business owner maintains a high standard of presentability and work ethic, the tone of the franchises will be set with that and employees will work to maintain that standard.


Don’t Rely Too Much on Your Franchisor for Franchise Advice

One final thing you should note about employment and training is that up until this point you have been relying heavily on your franchisor for their help and guidance, but hiring is something you’ll have to do on your own—it will be your first step as a figurative ‘franchising adult’ and the first major decision that you’ll have to make on your own. Most franchisors will avoid having anything to do with your hiring process as you are picking out your employees, not theirs.


Franchisors can sometimes offer suggestions for this process, and so can franchisees, but use them sparingly. This is the first time to trust yourself as a top power for your franchise and when you open it will be all you.


Qualities of a Good Manager for Your Franchise

To be a good manager, look at good managers you’ve had in the past. They aren’t power hungry, controlling, or inflexible. In fact, good managers are the opposite. Good managers are:shutterstock_308144909


  • Flexible
  • Hardworking
  • Hands-on
  • Willing to help where it’s needed
  • Knows the duties of each role
  • Is stern, but not controlling
  • Quick thinking
  • Passionate
  • Time manager


You don’t have to know how to do the work of every role you manage, but you do need to know what those duties are and have the safety rules for each role in a referable binder.


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