What Is a Franchise Directory?

Opening a franchise is a big step towards financial and job security, but if you’re not sure where to look, you can quickly get frustrated and give up. There are so many franchise opportunities out there, that it can be hard to locate which one is for you and that’s why there’s a franchise directory. In fact, there are multiple franchise directories to help you find your calling business..


understanding the franchiseWhat is a Franchise Directory?

A franchise directory is usually a listing for franchises that separates them by industry. They more often than not provide information on the franchise itself, the products and services they offer, sometimes you can get a background on the business, and you will usually see a startup cost listed. Franchise directories can come through online websites, franchise magazines, and paper copy franchise directories.


Forms of Franchise Directory

When you’re looking for a franchise directory, you should decide which form is easier for you to manage and look over. There are benefits to the three different kinds mentioned, but there are also disadvantages.


Franchise Directory in Print

There are still companies that print franchise directories for order purposes. Usually you will not find these lying around and they run around $20. Sometimes you can find them at bookstores, but there are a few franchising information companies that specialize in creating these print versions every year. The disadvantage is that you may or may not have the contact information in the book for the franchises, but you will have an easy to read book version that you can mark up and take with you.


Franchise Directory in Magazines

Usually the magazines aren’t solely dedicated to being simply a franchise directory. Often franchise directories will be mixed into business magazines or franchise ads will be listed in magazines that match the industry. You can get a good feel for what’s popular and out there, but shouldn’t use just a magazine franchise directory to make your choices.


Franchise Directory Online

As technology takes over, everything is going online. Check here https://www.redtruckfire.com/. You can find a franchise directory for just about anything all over the place. Even just Googling ‘franchise directory’ you can come up with a number of helpful results to lead you in the right place. Online has the advantage of having all the information you need listed and if it’s not, it’s easy to Google. Most online directories offer a ‘ask for more information’ button which makes finding more information easier. Here are some great franchise directory sites to start with:


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