(FS7) Setting Up Your Franchise with Contractors and Supplies

Hiring a contractor can be very hit or miss. If you’ve ever done renovations on your home, you’ve probably had an experience with a contractor already and it might not have been the greatest. If you’re looking for a contractor, consider having a checklist available. Here are some good places to start:


  • Ask your franchisor, architect, and the community for the names of several contractors in the area.
  • Check the contractor’s reputation through local businesses and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Treat hiring your contractor like an interview and ask them, or those they worked for, questions like:
    • Did the contractor start on time?
    • Were there any glitches during the build and what were they?
    • Did the contractor stay in budget and finish on time?
    • Were the workers reliable?
    • Was the contractor knowledgeable on local business and building codes?
    • Did the contractor and their workers work safely and follow the laws?
    • Were the materials specific for their purpose?
    • Was the work area taken care of?
    • Did the contractors listen to your concerns?
    • Have there been any structural problems since the contractors built?
    • Were the contractors available to deal with problems after payment was made?
    • Are you satisfied with the job they did?
  • Visit some locations that the contractor’s worked on.
  • Verify the licenses, insurance, and bonds of the contractors.
  • Research any court cases or legal action that are currently pending against the contractor.
  • Have a written proposal before they do anything. Be sure they are the same specifications.
  • Review the proposal with your franchisor’s construction department.
  • Always make your decisions based on the quality of the work and don’t cut corners for a cheaper, faster build as it might leave you with a less than reliable, unsafe workplace.


Finding Your Own Suppliers

By purchasing a franchise you become part of a network. You create business associates through your franchisor as well as your suppliers and franchisees. If your franchisor doesn’t present you with a list of suppliers or vendors and you have to find your own, it’s important to know how to find reliable, professional vendors who’ll provide you with products of the appropriate grade.


franchiseWork with your consultant and your franchisor’s purchasing department (if they have one) to help you identify good vendors from bad that deliver in your area. Another great place to look for allies is the local chamber of commerce. If there are other franchisees nearby, you may consider asking them who they get their products through or you can always phone franchisees in other counties or states and see what they do and if their options are available near you. You will receive bids or quotes for what you’re asking for product wise. Make sure those quotes include all costs and are the totals so you’re not sprung with surprise taxes, shipping, delivery fees, or anything else.


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