(FS7) Franchise Series 7 – Getting Your Franchise Started

Franchising only works successfully when every single chain or franchise is in line with all the others, providing consumers with the same reliable services or products they are used to. However being consistent isn’t always that easy for the big chain or franchise. There are small design specifics that might work well in one place, but not another of a completely different climate or clientele (NYC vs. Los Angeles). The social culture might call for different demands—then of course there are the individuals whose personalities just don’t meet brand expectations or personality.


However with all the research and planning that goes into picking the right franchise, the number one thing that usually kills that specific location is usually poor placement. You have to know where to place your business and how to build it in order to optimize the experience for the consumer and to bring the best attention possible to your franchise from the surrounding community. You’ll also need to find the right vendor to purchase the quality products done, this is usually helped through the franchisor’s list of acceptable vendors. You’ll also need to understand how to recruit, train, motivate, and manage your team. If you’ve signed on with a great franchisor, then they should hand you all the tools you need to do everything listed above. So let’s start at the top of the foundation for success.picking the right franchise


Surveying the Locale

Different franchises have different vocational needs. Thankfully most franchisor’s (or any good franchisors) are there to help you find the best place to put your store in the town of your choice most of the time. Remember that franchisors have been working in the industry for a while and know what to look for when it comes to ideal location for consumer traffic. That doesn’t mean you won’t have power or authority when it comes to surveying a location. Also, every franchisor does not promise to give any help when surveying locales.


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