Amazing Franchise Opportunities Most People Don’t Know About

We all have had the question before, what is the next big idea?  Where can we find the next big franchise business to get in on early so we have the best opportunity for an amazing investment.  Think if you could have met Ray when McDonald’s first showed up and the concept had never been seen before?  What about Mr. Cathy before the cows brought Chick Filet main stream?  What’s the next big idea?  The fun part about franchise opportunities is that we see them every day and virtually in every industry.  More concepts, more visions and more dreams of what could be the next big growth market.  Here are some categories to consider:

  1. Technology driven service models that offer value-based services.  Bar-I Liquid Accounting would be a good example of this – a concept that has been little known to the outside market, but is becoming more established if you live in the restaurant and bar market space.  The Bar-I Franchise helps bars and restaurants save money by auditing their inventory and is paid out of the savings they bring the businesses they serve.  Low investment, high margins and an extreme value offering to the customer.  (
  2. What about businesses that offer strong product lines which are proprietary, unique to the market, have a proven financial model and a dedicated sales/marketing system in place.  So often, franchise investors forget to research and understand whether a franchise model offers a franchise opportunity for generating business and attracting customers.  Four Seasons Gutters offers a platform that checks all boxes and with locations in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand there is certainly great modeling in place to show that the concept has legs under it.  (
  3. There are some models that offer a service platform in an industry with hyper-growth and demand that is literally endless.  LifeLine Repairs is a technology repair brand offering customers a complete array of tech solutions for Apple Products, mobile devices, Phones and any other technology the average person relies on in today’s tech-driven market.  The LifeLine franchise model is a reasonable investment, particularly for a retail model.  (
  4. Some franchise businesses offer a diverse revenue stream allowing for less risk in day to day business and a concept that has the staying power to weather the ups and downs of any economy.  Bloomin Blinds is a business model that offers both blind repair and blind product/part sales.  The business model has proven to be extremely successful in 7 different states and again is a very reasonable initial investment.  (
  5. How about a fun business that is full of potential, but also offers lifestyle and something you would enjoy doing every day?  The Launch Trampoline Center franchise opportunity could launch a franchisee’s financial potential with an amazing business model.  Although a significant initial investment due to the facilities size and scale, the business model offers amazing revenue potential from a single location in addition to celebrity ownership by way of Ty Law, the former NFL Superbowl winner.  (

Whether any of these caught your eye or interest or not, the franchise opportunities are out there for the taking.  Keep looking, interviewing, asking the good questions and you will know when the right franchise brand catches your eye and is the obvious next choice for your business opportunity.


Christopher Conner


Franchise Marketing Systems