Xcelerate Moving: New Franchise Business Model

Xcelerate Moving: New Franchise Business Model

Xcelerate Moving is a full-service moving company headquartered in New York. The company was founded by Kaz Berret who built it from scratch and has steered it into success thanks to his unique business model. His business philosophy is based on a belief in enhancing leadership within the organization and maximizing efficiency and coordination of all processes in different departments.

As a service Xcelerate Moving takes care of all the customer’s moving needs to ensure a stress-free transition and provide a high level of service that exceeds the customer’s expectations. The company has had success with both staff and clients through its unique business model that has been perfected over the years.

The Value of a Professional Moving Service Franchise

Kaz Barret has built his unique business model based on his expertise and fine-tuned it based on his experience since he started the business. Xcelerate is a moving company that wants to ensure that every move is a success.

The company does this by handling the move from start to finish. Your move can be customized based on your specific situation and circumstances. Whether you are moving a few boxes or all the items in your house or office, Xcelerate Moving handles the move for the client so that the transition is stress-free.

This also means that the company offers a set of customized services. Packaging is provided for all kinds of removals local and long distance. You can call the company for specialty and heavy items that need to be relocated without any risk of damage. Thanks to these high-quality and customized services, the brand has established considerable goodwill with the public.

Business Concept:  A Moving Franchise Done Right

Xcelerate Moving company has a franchise opening for franchisees who would like to start their own moving business in their location. The company wants to expand to all territories in the United States but intends to expand outwards from New York. This means the first franchisees are likely to be closer to their parent company. The franchisor wants to ensure that all the franchisees receive the highest level of support from the staff.

Support will be provided by Kaz Berret and his staff on an ongoing basis. The franchisor has staff that has worked alongside the owner of the company and can provide the highest level of training to new franchisees on areas such as operations, marketing, accounting, and day-to-day operation of the business.

Franchisee Requirements to Open an Xcelerate Moving Franchise

The company is looking for potential franchisees who have the capacity to run the business effectively and with the highest standards of ethics. Some of the qualities the franchisor is looking for include, high personal standards, and work ethic, strong sales and customer service abilities, an individual capable of handling day-to-day management tasks as required by a professional moving company.

Preferably, the franchisees should have a suitable background that gives them a general idea of what running a moving company entails. The business may be ideal for people with a background construction, worked or a moving company, or entrepreneurs who are passionate about running a successful moving company.


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