The Value of The Bodhi Bar Franchise Offering


The Value of The Bodhi Bar Franchise Offering

Bodhi Bar is a leading cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar. Want to find the healthiest and most delicious fast food? Try Bodhi Bar. Their juice cleanse packages can either be delivered to your doorstep or you can pick them up at their store-whichever is convenient for you. Bodhi Bar products have become increasingly popular.

The healthy cold-pressed juices and smoothies match the needs of a wide demographic and market allowing for setting up shops in different locations. This would perfectly fit the business franchise model of Bodhi Bar.

Strong Franchise Territory Model:

When you own a Bodhi Bar franchise, you can either open a new business, or you can decide to convert your current juice store into a Bodhi Bar shop. One of the advantages of exclusive territories is that they can offer you a competitive advantage when it comes to the franchise marketing and sales environment.

Based on the makeup and size of the market properties, the franchise system of Bodhi Bar may decide to give an exclusive territory to some of their franchisees, with a territory comprising a population base of 50,000-100,000.

Training and Support that can Duplicate Success.

By becoming a member of the Bodhi Bar team, you’ll automatically access the following training:

  • Initial training at their Ontario headquarters
  • Onsite training at your shop location
  • Ongoing training support
  • Refresher training biannually

Support and Love for Franchisees.

When you become a part of the Bodhi Bar franchise, as a franchisee, you’ll receive tremendous support in different ways such as program oversight. Other types of support include:

Operational Support

Bodhi Bar will help you understand how to run your franchise efficiently. Operational support includes serving customers, performing day-to-day activities, managing your employees and business, using technology, equipment, and tools, how financial processes work, the best work practices, among others.

Marketing Support

You can expect marketing guidance and assistance on the type of advertising and marketing you conduct for your business. Advertising may be done locally or collectively. The minimum amount you’ll be expected to invest in advertising and marketing will be indicated in your agreement.

Bodhi Bar will help you come up with a great and innovative media plan for locally promoting your business. 

Purchase Support

With Bodhi Bar purchase support, you’ll be able to source for the best and the freshest organic vegetables and fruits. You’ll also be able to buy other quality business supplies affordably. Visit

Legal, Accounting, and Audit Support

Legal support is important in case your business needs any type of legal counsel whether it’s for your business premises, employees, or even customers.

With Bodhi Bar’s tried, tested and easy-to-use accounting system, you’ll effectively streamline all your financial reporting and records.

Research and Development (R&D)

In a world that is constantly advancing, continuous research and development are very important if your business is to be successful. Customer demands and expectations are greater today. As a business, you need to live up to the expectations of your customers. With the right R&D, you’ll be able to meet customer expectations, order fulfillment, and vendor involvement. Visit wunder mold website.

Franchise Sales

To run a profitable and successful business, you’ll need to continuously add services and products to increase revenue sources. Bodhi Bar will offer you new products to help you acquire new customers and sales.


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