How to Train Franchisees Effectively

How to Train Franchisees Effectively.

You’ve done it. You have successfully created, built, and managed a thriving business. The natural next step to replicate that system and carry your company upward and out to the market is to franchise the brand and expand the business through franchise development. Your franchisees will be the vehicle and the tools used to convey your vision to the world and deliver more products and services to customers in new markets. So, how do you train franchisees effectively to deliver the exceptional quality of service that you have worked tirelessly to build? 

The franchise marketing system must be strong, defined and consistently delivered in order to produce great results in each new franchisee’s business.  The next step is to outline those franchise systems in such a way that management and leadership can flawlessly follow them. All that has contributed to your business prosperity- the business model, the brand, the knowledge -will be replicated and implemented to candidates who are learning the unique way of operations pertinent to your brand. The specific technology used to manage these systems will vary from sector to sector, but some bridge all. Web-hosted services like GoToMeeting are great tools to have screen to screen meetings with screen projections, slideshows, conversations, and text chatting. Further collaborate with project management software like BaseCamp or Asana to help franchisees keep tasks organized before, during, and after their launch.

Many franchisees will have business experience in some capacity, but will lack the knowledge of your particular franchise system, product or service. Clear direction for each individual is critical at the outset of the franchise process to ensure the success of each unit. What are the key components to your business that stand out from the competition? Compassion? Customer service? Timeliness? Train your franchisees to carry these components as a basis for their day to day operations. Beyond that classing boxing coach, ongoing support for the green franchisee will be crucial. Monthly check-ins, open question and answer forums, annual training meetings, and other resources can be set in place to give franchisees the boost and assistance they need. 

Finally, empathy for these individuals who are investing capital, focusing their time, and making personal sacrifices will give your franchisees an edge by showing them that your company is about more than just a bottom line. Effectively trained franchisees are essential to the success of each unit. Plan and book a cleaning accordingly and your franchise ventures will flourish.

Franchise Marketing Systems was founded in 2009 by Chris Conner in the Atlanta, GA area and today has expanded to over 27 team members located in markets across the U.S. and Canada.  Mr. Conner’s vision was to support franchises in not only launching successfully into the franchise marketplace, but also in effectively duplicating their business model through strong systems and franchise structures.  

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