The Man Behind the Fire & Rice Sensation



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The Man Behind the Fire & Rice Sensation


Chef Paul’s accomplishments with Fire & Rice


Naples, FLJuly 10, 2015 – Naples resident, Chef Paul Schmidgall, is constantly succeeding at what he finds joy and pride in doing– satisfying cravings.


Founder of Fire & Rice, Chef Paul, learned how to cook the paella by simply watching a Spanish elderly woman make the dish every Sunday afternoon. With immediate interest, Chef Paul began preparing the rice, chicken and sausage, while gradually critiquing his paella skills.


Over two decades have passed since he first learned the traditional paella methods and Chef Pauls’ Fire & Rice franchise is more popular than ever. Paul Schmidgall started the one-of-a-kind company in 2011 with partner Rebecca Taylor. Fire & Rice is a firm alternative to your typical catered affair featuring freshly prepared paella, the national dish of Spain. Guests always enjoy the entertaining and interactive experience as the chef prepares the giant meal right in front of them. With multiple features by Naples, Fox 4 News, Chef Pauls’ recognized superiority also led him to win the Food Pairing Grand Champion Trophy at the inaugural Naples Craft Beer Fest.


When asked about his inspirations, Schmidgall said, “My former employer, who was a self-made success, showed me what it meant to think big and the philanthropic nature of the Naples community has shown me the importance of service to others.” He adds, “One of my favorite dishes to cook is Mixta Paella, it brings together land and sea. One Perfect pan full of chicken, sausage, saffron, rice, shrimp, mussels and clams – makes it perfect to share with friends.” Chef Paul caters everything from small private parties to major fundraisers that draw crowds of 1,000 or more.


The food franchise, Fire and Rice has had great consulting help from Franchise Marketing Systems with its franchise efforts. . The franchise consulting firm has assisted in the nurturing and growth of the franchise without large upfront fees or high overhead for their company. “It doesn’t surprise me the level accomplishments Chef Paul continues to reach; he’s definitely a decorated professional chef. The system he’s developed contains methods simple enough, in which even people with little cooking skill can still be successful in his business,” states Tom DuFore, COO of Franchise Marketing Systems.


About Fire & Rice

Fire and Rice is fully licensed and insured.

Our commercial kitchen is located in downtown Naples and our reputation with the citizens of Naples and Southwest Florida is unmatched. Chef Paul Schmidgall graduated from Johnson and Wales with a degree in Culinary Science and Marketing; he also has an MBA in International Business.


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