Sub City Restaurant: Business Model and Potential

Sub City Restaurant: Business Model and Potential

The Sub City Restaurants located in Cleveland, Ohio have been a hit with residents less than five years after opening the first location. The business can be described as a takeout shop that offers a wide range of food options for breakfast lunch, and brunch.

There are currently three locations in Maple Heights, Lakeshore and Euclid Avenue. The first location was 17811Euclid Avenue which opened in 2013. After the success of the third location in Lakeshore, the franchisors decided to start a new franchise offering. They hope to provide franchisees interested in starting their own eatery with a proven business model that will turn their site into a successful business

The Franchise Business Model

The business was founded by Darryl Clement and Tremaine Gilson who besides being successful entrepreneurs have a background in marketing and promotions. Thus, they had a good understanding of the importance of social media promotion. They hired to gather more followers on twitter and build a bit of a hype to capitalize on.They also understood that if their business was to be successful in multiple locations, they will not only have to provide delicious and affordable foods but also foods to appeal to people in different parts of Cleveland and the United States where their franchise will operate.

The main options include foods suitable for a takeout restaurant. Some of the most popular options at Sub City include sub sandwiches. Seasoned Rice bowls,  chicken wings, and cheesesteaks. There are daily deals for lunch where patrons can get a choice of options for the price of $5,99. There are also chicken wing offers for every lemonade drink.

These affordable options are coupled with good service and sound marketing strategies. For the two founders of the business, providing easy ordering options has been key in making the business successful. Customers are very keen on the ordering process. Therefore, you can order the food by calling the restaurant or placing an order online. There is a calling service to alert you when your order is ready.

The Franchise Locations and Operating Model

Besides the three locations, the eatery has a food truck that serves customers in different areas. Two of the locations are designed for takeout and therefore do not take too much space or require a lot of resources to run.

The franchisor has been working on a model for the franchise sites that will be suitable for franchisees regardless of where they choose to set up their businesses across the United States. Check thelockboss. Some locations may have bars with sports lounges and a sitting area for customers who prefer dining.

For the first franchisees, the franchisor will be offering an exclusive location. This will be a location with a population of between 50,000 and 100,000 people. An exclusive location will give interested site owners with the opportunity to expand their business under a brand that has already established its reputation in three locations. Check and find the best compensation for work related injury.

When you sign up as a franchisee, you will get full support and training. The support and training are based on the model that has made the other three locations successful and has been tweaked for sites in other regions the company hopes to expand. The opportunity is a low-cost investment with great potential and suitable for anyone looking to start a carry-out restaurant.

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