How to Start a Property Management Franchise

With the downturn in the residential housing market, many homeowners have turned to renting their homes as a way to manage the decreased value  in their home.  With these new landlords have come the increased need for professional property management services and guidance to support people who are renting single family homes are larger multi-family properties.  How do you start a property management business?  That’s where the property management franchise space comes in, more and more brands and business models have been developed to answer this growing need.  A great investment for those looking to buy into a franchise is the property management franchise segment. This arena offers a great value to you as the investor with a vast potential for growth and return on your investment. There are many opportunities out there for you to discover and you do not have to have handyman or construction knowledge to get into the business. Here are a few reasons you should take into consideration when you’re thinking of franchise purchases. Take a look at the different benefits and see how property management franchises offer great value to you the investor.


Initial Setup

The startup costs for property management franchises are very low. This is unlike other opportunities you may have considered that can cost a large upfront expense. You can have your new business set up in a short time and be ready to start making a profit on your investment in no time.


Different Areas of Management

Some of the franchise opportunities out there consist of senior properties and management. You can invest in senior care franchises and help those elders in the community have a safe place to reside. There are others who just focus on homeowner’s management and the professional management services provided to those owners. You can also work with investors that own numerous properties and offer services to help them make their investments profitable and easier to handle.


No Skill Set Required

You may be concerned that you need to have property building skills, handyman skills or even knowledge of construction. That is not the case with these franchise opportunities. As part of your management team, you’ll have a variety of skilled workers on your side to take care of the aspects of the management you do not know. You aren’t required to know how to fix those items. You just need to have a team of people working with you that you can rely on.


Leads Provided

The great thing about working with a property management franchise is that you will have leads generated for you. As part of your support, you’ll find it easier to find those looking for services that you’re providing. You also have a marketing plan in place that is provided by the franchise as well. That helps you to have your brand and company logo set in place already so you do not have to worry about coming up with one. You’ll be part of a proven and solid business model that can help you to move forward quickly with your investment in the franchise. You can relax knowing that your main advertising and lead generation is taken care of for you. You don’t have to worry about drumming up leads with cold calls as they do the work for you.

If you’re considering investing in a franchise for yourself, property management franchise opportunities are a great one to consider. Do your research and rely on a company with a proven and successful model of support, marketing, and service.


Some of the brands that we like in the property management franchise space include:


Renter’s Warehouse –

Azari Property Management –

Real Property Management –


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