Restoration Franchise: It’s Vital You Make the Right Decision

Owning your own business is a great way to leave the rat-race behind and take control of your financial future. Unfortunately, coming up with a unique business idea or service can be quite daunting and creates significant additional risk if you are doing something for the first time. This is why so many business owners invest in franchise locations so that they can make a wise investment and run their own business while having the full support of a proven brand and image.  A large and growing segment of the franchise marketplace is the restoration franchise market.  The water, fire and mold remediation business has grown in popularity and become one of the highest growth market segments in franchising.  One of those up and coming franchises that you should consider is the Vital Restoration franchise opportunity. Vital Restoration is a business that is the brain-child of Sal Vitalie, a restoration industry veteran, who coming from the service market had a vision to change the way the restoration industry worked from day one.  His success lead to the Vital Restoration franchise that packaged his business model, processes and systems for new entrepreneurs.   


What is Vital Restoration?

The organization is based in Northern California and started with a small operation that immediately had an impact on the restoration market.  Mr. Vitale had a unique approach to the work in that the relationship with the customer and quality of the work took precedence over anything else.  This customer-centric business model was new to the water restoration market and began to make waves quickly.  Over the next decade, Vital Restoration supplanted itself as not only an industry leader, but also a trend setter for being driven to make the customer experience more enjoyable.  People who need restoration work, including damage from water, fire, and mold problems are generally going through a stressful and difficult time in their life, Vital Restoration has been able to alleviate the fear and anxiety and deliver professional services that took care of the scenario quickly and efficiently.  The organization has built a reputation of successful mitigation service delivery with both residential and commercial clients helping to restore the damage done to their locations to get them back to normal everyday life.


In the past few years the company has seen tremendous growth and has opened four new restoration franchise locations all in the Northern California area. These restoration businesses are growing significantly and the brand is becoming a household name in the region by replicating the Vital Restoration way. This is a company customers look for when they are in need of restoration services and they know they can trust this brand for all their needs.


Franchise Opportunities

Opportunities for this franchise are available and it is a great business to consider for many parts of the United States. If you’re wanting to offer services that are high profit margin and that can truly help families and businesses get back after disaster strikes, this is what you’re looking for. Vital Restoration is in the business of helping customers to not only restore their home or business from damage that was done, but also to be responsive, professional and accountable to make the experience as stress free as possible.


When you sign up to be a franchise owner you’ll find a great support staff and brand in place with Vital Restoration. The restoration franchise has a marketing plan to make sure your location is successful from the get go. You can rely on comprehensive training to help you know every aspect of the company. They have a business model that is proven successful time and time again. This model is one you can trust that will help you achieve the return on investment you’d like while you’re helping families in their homes and businesses in your town.


If you’re looking for an opportunity for tremendous growth and want to be a part of something big, then Vital Restoration is what you’re looking for. This brand has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years and you can be a huge part of that continued increase. Call about the franchise opportunities today and see just how you can own your own business that offers services that help restore families homes, businesses, and daily lives. Offer a service to your community that can make a difference by working with this company today.


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