Professional Sports Franchise Opportunity

With the interest and excitement of the Olympics this year, it is easy to see how there could be so much excitement around sports.  Focus on the most famous or popular athletes. The evolution of sports has seen the advent of more opportunities for adaptive athletes in a wide variety of different fields.  What hasn’t been done for these athletes is the creation of a stable, professional and consistent professional league.  The sports franchise field has grown and gained value in virtually every sporting category, now with the saturation of all markets, the need for an adaptive league started to become evident in addition to the demand for sports which our adaptive athletes could participate in.  The franchise model was chosen as the vehicle to expand the business and carry the value to more markets across the U.S. and around the world. 

New Chances for Adaptive Athletes

Whether people are born with a disability or go through something in life that impairs them, a lot of the time, they are much stronger than their counterparts. Having had to adapt to what other people find easy and natural is no easy task, and this is why they don’t only deserve to have access to sports, they make great ones at it!

The Professional Wheelchair Basket League (PWBL) is precisely the type of organization that wants to give everyone a chance. This brand new company is launching the first professional basketball league in the States in order to attract talent that usually leaves to play in other countries and to offer the chance to professional players to prove their talent.

Business Opportunity

The PWBL is currently offering franchises and has a very interesting model to offer. This league will be a for profit league, meaning that each team will be owned by an individual investor, or groups in a similar fashion of the NBA workings.

Although this is an interesting and smart business opportunity, it also entails you with the chance to help out a minority often ignored. There are great athletes out there who have only had the chance to play on an amateur level because it is hard to find opportunities that let them showcase their abilities as professionals, but you can offer them this chance. With high expectations in terms of growth, public response and success, it might be the perfect opportunity if you are looking to make an investment.

The PWBL wants to be completely transparent about the business they will be doing with you so you can easily log into their page to find out more about real costs, benefits and even support they have received from government officials. Read about some of the players they already have in house and find out more about the wheelchair basketball world and how you can be a part of it. Get in touch with them to find out more and see how easy it will be for your budget to have great returns.



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