Prime IV Solutions: Sound Business Model for Growing IV Market


Prime IV Solutions: Sound Business Model for Growing IV Market

When Dr. Lindsey N. Jackson, MD, Ph.D., opened Revive Media Spa and Wellness in September 2016, she had no idea how well the Intravenous Vitamin IV portion of her business would do. But the service became popular within a matter of months; getting frequent requests from physicians and medical practitioners. This is despite facing unprecedented challenges such as the destruction of her business during the 2017 hurricane.  Dr. Lindsey Jackson is a reputable doctor who specializes in General Practice and Emergency Medicine who created the PRIME IV business system. Her expertise and experience put her in a position to understand the complexity of ordering, developing, and stocking IV solutions. For this reason, the team from Prime IV Solutions saw the need to develop a franchise business model that will enable other medical practitioners and entrepreneurs to run their own successful IV business.

Prime IV Solutions IV Therapy

Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can be delivered through intravenously to ensure maximum absorption. Oral intake of these nutrients can only achieve 50 to 60% absorption, while IV drips can achieve up to 100% absorption by the body.

For that reason, IV injections have proven to be useful in various applications including boosting the immune system, administering pain medication, and powerful vitamins. The market for IV is growing and is sought after by people for a wide range of reasons such as boosting their immune systems, weight loss management, flu treatment, and even as a hangover cure, amongst others.

An Effective IV Therapy Franchise System

Dr. Lindsey Jackson has developed more than 26 IV treatment recipes that are designed to provide safest treatments and best combination of ingredients to achieve the intended effect.  The treatments are administered in a luxurious and relaxing environment of a spa for the best experience.  The Prime IV Solutions model is designed for high ROI requiring the relative low cost to set up. To start your own Prime IV Solutions franchise you’ll require a $25,000 franchise fee and between $51,000 and $170,000 depending on certain factors such as the site of your location. The franchise cost includes all the relevant things you need to get you started; from insurance, interior design, inventory, real estate/ rent, etc.

IV Therapy Franchise Support and Training

You’ll receive training from the franchisor on all aspects of the business. The IV service is complex but Prime IV Solutions has demystified the business and has come up with a sound model. You’ll be required to attend initial training at the company’s headquarters in Texas. Additional training will be provided when you open your location. The franchisees will also get support in accounting, marketing, sales, and purchasing. Support also includes access to information from the research and development department which is always refining and developing new IV treatments.

IV Therapy Franchise System and Structure that Works

As a franchisee, you’ll get your own exclusive territory. An exclusive territory is advantageous to a Prime IV Solutions location to develop the sales and marketing network to maximize profitability. The franchisor defines a territory as an area with a population of between 50,000 to 100,000 people.


If you have strong sales and customer service skills, high personal standards, and can meet the initial investment requirement, you can start your application from the IV franchise site here: