Category: The Franchise Checklist

Jun 15
(FS3) Is Franchisee the Title For You?

While all the books, blogs, and articles in the world can tell you what to expect, what business franchisors will give you as a business franchisee, only you will be able to make the decision for yourself. It’s a personal decision based on personal questions and self-evaluation. While you might face obstacles based on your […]

Jun 08
(FS3) Being Realistic About Franchising is Key

There are a lot of myths about franchising and business ownership. You should always assess what is fact and what is fiction when you approach any situation. That includes the statement, “You are your own boss”. While it’s true that business franchisees run their own store, you are still subject to the franchisor. You will […]

Jun 01
(FS3) Franchise Series 3 – The Franchisee’s Checklist

Not everyone is cut out to run a franchise. Those with more passive business aspirations are some of the few that would not do so well running their own business, but there is more to it than that. It’s always important to make a self-assessment before you make any large purchases, investments, or changes in […]