Poke Burri – a Poke Sushi Franchise Offering that Makes Sense


Poke Burri – a Poke Sushi Franchise Offering that Makes Sense

Poke Burri is a restaurant in Atlanta that has become popular with locals for its poke bowls, burrito rolls and a variety of sushi dishes and with growing demand has turned to franchising to scale the brand into new markets. The eatery was opened in October 2016 by Ken Yu and Seven Chang. Poke is a Hawaiian dish that is made up of raw fish salad.

When the two came together, they combined their skills in tech and background in food to start a restaurant that has become one of the most popular in Atlanta serving sushi and poke. In less than one and half years the business has received attention from the local media and won several awards. Now the two are planning to extend this successful concept to other territories across the country.

The Poke Sushi Franchise

Chang has had an extensive experience in the food industry. He understood the value of perfecting the concept. Thanks to his vision the concept has become popular with residents and the local media alike. Atlanta Magazine named Poke Burri as the best place to find poke bowls in the city. Creative Loafing also named it as having the top 100 dishes in Atlanta.

Part of the reason the restaurant is so popular is mainly due to the fact that a lot of work goes into food preparation. All the ingredients are fresh and meals are always freshly prepared to ensure customers get food with great flavor.

Seven who had been in the food industry for some time understood that patrons were looking for a unique experience. The restaurant is based on a focus on three objectives; fresh food innovative style and great customer service. Many clients are also looking for healthier options. The concept has been such a success that the business was recognized for having brought 15,000 to their area of the city in 2017 alone.

Training and Support that allows Franchisees to Experience Success

In order to ensure franchisees will deliver the accepted level of service, the franchisor will provide training. The initial training will take place 8 to 12 weeks before you open your business. You will be required to go to Poke Burri’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia to receive the initial 2-3 weeks of training.

Immediately you open your business you’ll receive additional 1 to 2 weeks training. Staff from the company’s headquarters will conduct the training. Every year the franchisor will provide training for two days which can be in one or two sessions. You can also expect to receive support in areas such as accounting, marketing, and purchasing.

Territories and the Poke Franchise Structure

Qualified franchisees will also benefit from exclusive territories offered by the franchisor. The territory is as defined by the franchisor. A Poke Burri Territory can be defined as an area with 50,000 to 100,000 people or an area of 5 miles radius from your restaurant. Other factors such as population, median age, the median income of households, may be used to determine the size of the territory.

The franchise is currently open and is looking for people with strong customer service abilities, High standards in time management and in providing excellent service.


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