The Papillon Blanc Franchise Marketing System Comes to Market.


The Papillon Blanc Franchise Marketing System Comes to Market.


July 2018- If you have always dreamed of having your own successful business, owning an existing franchise would be the best route considering that there’s already a complete and proven system in place that is ready for you to operate. The only thing left to determine is the nature of the business you want to pursue and while there are many options in the market, it is best to become a Papillon Blanc franchise owner as it is a venture that is not only profitable but positively impacts its clients as well.


Papillon Blanc hair salon was founded by a renowned hair colorist and stylist Eda Mocka in 2015. From then on, PB hair salon has become the leading color salon in Birmingham for women of all ages. Unlike other hair coloring shops that are stuck with conventional hair coloring techniques, Papillon Blanc boasts of using the most popular hair coloring technique for A-list celebrities — the balayage.


The balayage technique offers natural-looking highlights that perfectly complement a woman’s features and skin tone. Through this method, PB hair salon creates a transforming experience for their clients, both inside and out while generating a handsome income at the same time.


The Value of the PB Hair Salon Franchise


The beauty industry is always lucrative regardless of season and economic condition especially now that women have a better appreciation of how looking good can make them feel empowered and confident. When you become a PB hair franchisee, you will receive outstanding support in various areas of the business such as site selection, operations, marketing, purchasing, accounting, and legal support. You can also be assured of knowing more hair coloring and treatment techniques in the future since you will be given results of Papillon Blanc’s ongoing research and development.


Even if you do not have any experience in the salon and beauty industry, the PB hair salon franchise team will ensure that you have all the essential skills and knowledge you need to manage your own Papillon Blanc business. The PB team will give you intense off-site and on-site training before and during the initial operation of the franchise. To keep you updated on the latest PB hair coloring techniques and trends, you will also be required to participate in a refresher training for at least one session every year.


Apart from helping you in the setting-up and initial operation of your own Papillon Blanc hair salon, the PB franchise  marketing system offering also assures you of an exclusive franchise territory with all of the tools and modelling necessary to implement this hair and beauty franchise in your market. This exemplifies Papillon Blanc’s serious commitment to helping you build, grow, and make your venture successful. By having exclusive territories and a well-structured franchise system, you can be assured that you will have all the necessary tools and business systems needed to execute the franchise model in your area. 


With passion, motivation, and commitment to excellence, the Papillon Blanc franchise team can help you achieve your business goals in this competitive industry. To learn more about PB’s franchise offering, get in touch with their franchise team for an initial phone consultation today.


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