Opportunities for Great Skin Spa Franchise and Growing Beauty Trends


Opportunities for Great Skin Spa Franchise and Growing Beauty Trends

If you have been thinking about getting into the business industry for passion or profit, Great Skin Spa Skin Care & Facial Club provides a great opportunity through its franchise offering. Great Skin Spa is a day spa that has a wide range of services and products for clients seeking high quality and safe procedures for hair removal as well as skin and body rejuvenation needs.

The opportunity comes at a time when the global beauty industry is growing at a rate of 5% per year. Skin treatments, hair care, and makeovers are amongst the most sought-after services. In the past decade, the industry had slowed down due to the economic recession.

However, in the last 10 years, the industry has steadily regained its momentum. Additionally, during these times new growth areas have emerged. These areas have been triggered by a number of factors such as:

  • Awareness amongst consumers,
  • Increased demand for luxury products,
  • Availability of new non-intrusive cutting-edge technologies
  • Increase in demand for male grooming products and services
  • Consumer Awareness

The steady growth of the beauty industry in the last decade points to a growing awareness amongst consumers for personal care services. One of the factors that has led to increased awareness is the ubiquity of the internet and Smartphones which has made a lot of information available at the tips of the fingers. Young people struggling with skin problems can find relevant information that shows points to a possible solution and informs on alternatives.

Additionally, consumer awareness has also increased for natural and non-intrusive procedures. More people now realize that there are non-intrusive procedures that can tighten their skin without the need for an extended downtime that interrupts their day-to-day activities.

New Cutting Edge Technologies for the Health and Beauty Franchise Market

The Great Skin Spa offers procedures that typically takes an hour to complete and the patient is free to go back to their home or office. Non-intrusive technologies have spurred a lot of interest in clients who would otherwise have shied away from the spa due to the time it takes for surgical procedures to heal, not to mention possible complications.

Models, public figures, and people in the media are taking advantage of these treatments to improve their skin and body to boost their overall appearance. However, the cost of these procedures is now more affordable such that students going to prom as well as the bride and groom before the wedding can take advantage of them to look their best on their special occasion.

Beauty and Personal Services make for Great Franchises

The new non-intrusive technologies have also brought down the cost of the procedures which has, in turn, led more people to want what they previously saw as luxury services mainly confined to celebrities. The global market for personal services targeting men is expected to grow to $60billion by 2020.

Online social media platforms and not celebrities are now driving the beauty trends attracting more clients and debunking the myth that beauty services are for the wealthy or women only. Experts agree that in the next decade even newer trends will emerge and business offering high-quality personal services like Great Skin Spa will be there to take advantage of it.


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