The Mowerman Franchise Opportunity

The Mowerman Franchise Opportunity

The Mowerman is looking for franchisees to take up this once in a lifetime opportunity. This recession proof business -with a track record going back three decades- is ideal for first time entrepreneurs who want a business with low overheads and recurring customers.  The concept is relatively simple, but ingenious – provide mower and basic lawn equipment repairs which are needed on a regular basis.  Customers need the service and someone who is accountable/consistent and reliable.  Once the relationship is in place, we then are able to offer additional home repair, maintenance and remodeling services.  The customer couldn’t be happier and the business model thrives with long term relationships and continuous opportunities for new work and new value to the customer. 


How The Mowerman Started

The Mower Man – which also goes by the name “At Your Home Services” – is a home improvement business that was started 27 years ago, by Chris Suser. Chris is a veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm as a member of the U.S. Navy. He worked in construction during his time as a U.S. Navy officer and was involved in the building of hospitals, airstrips, and roads.

After returning home from serving, he started thinking of pursuing his dream which was in line with the work he was doing when he was serving in the Navy. His first move towards his dream was starting an engine repair business. He attended further technical training which would be instrumental in starting his home improvement and repair business.

He then started The Mowerman repair business which soon became popular. His commitment to high standards of service and reliability are some of the things that he credits for the popularity of his business and which also gave him the capacity to take on the competition.


The Mowerman

In the Maryland market, the brand quickly gained popularity as The Mowerman; the go-to man for all your lawn mower repairs. Sometimes he would get 60 to 100 calls a day from people looking to have their mower repaired at a fair cost, instead of investing in a new one.  At this point he realized there was great potential in home improvement services. He decided to diversify the business through the “At Your Home Services®” division. He leveraged on the trust and good will he had built up over time. Engine repair was seasonal and diversification would boost the short term and long term profitability of the venture.


The Franchise

Chris Suser worked for years to build a business model that addressed the shortcomings of an engine repair business. Through the franchise, other interested entrepreneurs can take full advantage of his successful business model to make money all year round with low overheads and recurring customers.

The services include:

  • Repair services: includes the repair of tillers, lawn mower, tractors and snow blowers
  • Roofing services
  • Gutters: repair and installation
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Stone Work
  • Siding: Periodic maintenance
  • Deck Restoration
  • Stone work


Currently the franchise is focused on targeted and consistent expansion which grows the business effectively and with long-term sustainability in mind. Veterans and franchisees from the Mid-Atlantic states are encouraged to apply. The business has maintained its reputation by consistently focusing on customer satisfaction, reliability, and commitment to high standards. The business is listed on BBB and has great reviews on review platforms such as Yelp.

Franchisees can expect to get paid training, support in marketing, technical and administrative support in order to get started on their way to pursuing their passion, and developing a reliable business that is bound to create opportunities for making money all year round. The Mower Man presents an exciting prospect given that it is a business with a three decade track record.


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