Moravia Health Home Care Service



Moravia Health Home Care Service

Moravia Health provides care and health services at home to empower the elderly and the disabled live independently and with dignity. The organization has certified home health aides, caregivers, and medical social workers who can provide a wide range of services based on the patient’s needs.

The process starts with a free evaluation of the patient. In consultation with family, Moravia health will provide a solution that best fits the patient’s needs. The patient is monitored by trained staff who work in-house. Care is available 24 hours a day.

The potential of these solutions in the healthcare industry lies in the ability to provide quality services. Many seniors and those with disabilities want to live an independent and dignified life. Moravia provides a wide range of services such as health education, help with access to community resources. Help with light household chores, removing and replacing dressing, meal preparation etc.

Moravia assists people with disabilities, that limit their movements, stay within the privacy of their homes. Home health aides can help with laundry, housekeeping, medication reminders, amongst other things. The staff works under the supervision of Moravia Health.

A Home Health Care Franchise that Makes Sense. 

Nurses, caregivers, and medical social workers can ensure that the transition from the hospital to the patient’s home is smooth. Caregivers assist the patients during recovery which helps to ensure that the continuity of care is not interrupted. The patient has the advantage of receiving professional medical care from the comfort of their home.

Many baby boomers require specialized medical care. According to one study, 88% of people over the age of 65 years have at least one chronic condition. Many of these seniors have had to go through significant periods of hospitalization. Home health care service not only helps to relieve the patient and his family of the anxiety of prolonged hospitalization but can also significantly reduce the overall cost of care.

Reducing the cost of healthcare for the individual has been identified as one of the main objectives of the health industry by policymakers going forward. Another key objective is enhancing the quality and satisfaction for the patient. Moravia Health seeks to achieve both by providing home health services through its in-house certified staff.

A Franchise that Shows Compassion and Focus on the Patient. 

To ensure satisfaction Moravia trains staff to provide care with compassion. Part of the organization’s philosophy is to provide care to every patient as though they were one’s own family members. The patient’s are monitored 24 hours a day. Staff will stay in touch with family members to ensure that issues will be addressed as soon as they arise to avert complications.

Medical social workers help to ensure that the quality of care provided is maintained. They counsel the family and educate them about the condition of the patient. Medical workers provide important information for the family that allows them to better care for the patient. They corroborate information from health practitioners and serve as a bridge between the patient and the medical care he receives. They are also instrumental in communicating the needs of the patient to the medical practitioner through a case study.


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