Modern Acupuncture: Fast Growing Healthcare Franchise Aims to Provide a Consistent Brand Experience


Modern Acupuncture: Fast Growing Healthcare Franchise Aims to Provide a Consistent Brand Experience

Modern Acupuncture is a rapidly growing franchise in the healthcare industry founded by Matt Hale and Chad Everts. The two entrepreneurs have decades of experience starting successful franchises and now have their sites set on this incredible market opportunity in acupuncture services. Modern Acupuncture was founded to take advantage of increasing demand for alternative therapies by providing a high quality and consistent service. 

The demand for alternative therapies like acupuncture follows a growing trend where healthcare providers are increasingly focusing on providing value as opposed to volume. The increasing focus on alternative medicine has prompted researchers to develop evidence-based procedures to complement conventional medicine and provide better outcomes.

Research based on Randomized Control Trials has provided evidence that acupuncture can be highly beneficial for pain alleviation. These studies have shown neck pain, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain and chronic headache amongst other conditions can be treated with acupuncture.

The Acupuncture Service Itself

The founders of Modern Acupuncture, Hale and Everts, were the founding members of Joint Chiropractic – the fastest growing chiropractic franchise in the world. The two have tapped into their vast wealth of experience and contacts in the franchise industry, to come up with a business model that has led to rapid growth of new locations.

Even though acupuncture is a service provided by many practitioners, and is recognized by the America Medical Association, most providers struggle to provide a consistent experience. Part of the problem is that while healthcare practitioners understand medicine, they have trouble with the entrepreneurial side of the business and may have trouble delivering on the customer-focused experience that clients want.

The franchisor seeks to solve this problem by building systems that will provide a consistent experience for members of the public seeking the service. Modern Acupuncture centers are located in comfortable retreat-like centers that are easily accessible to customers. This form of acupuncture uses needles but does not require you to remove your clothing. Each session lasts about 30 minutes.

The Acupuncture Franchise and How it Works

For the founders, building systems that will ensure a consistent brand experience is one of the secrets to a successful location. These systems give birth to procedures, which are in turn woven together into an effective model that is captured by the franchise model.

The model seeks to provide the highest level of service that will be the cost effective rate for both the franchisees and their clients. It is designed to provide minimal recurring expenditures with about five or six members of staff per location. The franchise fee is $30,000 and the initial investment is expected to be between $248,825 to $443,350.

Training, Support and Franchise Marketing Systems

Building lasting and meaningful relationships with franchisees are part of the franchisor’s focus on expanding the franchise to new territories. Support and business training will be provided from the headquarters to ensure franchisees can handle various aspects of the business such as marketing, accounting, financial modeling, key performance indicator tracking, amongst others.  The franchisor will also provide the technology needed to ensure your location runs smoothly. This includes access to a web-based platform that handles patient information while complying with regulations, as well as software that facilitates automatic monthly billing. The franchise, which started in 2016, has already opened multiple locations across the country and is looking for franchisees to take over the few territories that are yet to be claimed.  The time seems to be now to get in on this explosive health and wellness franchise system.  There has been not only growth, but increasing relevance for alternative health and wellness services and Modern Acupuncture is coming along at just the right time.  For more information on the franchise model, visit the franchise site: