Mistakes That May Kill Your Franchise Before You Start

Buying and selling a pizza franchise comes with many benefits. If you’re looking to turn your small business into a large scale franchise, it’s exciting, though business owners can also often get ahead of themselves and make fatal mistakes for their business. When you’re making decisions for yourself and your business, professionals suggest keeping these things in mind:


Don’t Believe Your Idea Is All It Will Take to Be Successful

Many small business owners can become so hyped about their idea that they believe it’s more than enough to sell their franchise and find success. However there’s a lot more work that goes into building your pizza franchise into a working multi-unit, big name brand such as training manuals, FDD, and operation manuals. Without these things, it’s likely that future pizza franchise locations will not find the same success or consistency that you have built into your small business.


startup franchise costInexperienced Founders

Whether it’s the franchisee or the franchisor, someone without the proper experience and with no way to learn can lead the franchise into dark times. If you’re thinking of turning your small business into a pizza franchise, but lack the knowledge needed when it comes to proper paperwork, legality, and growing your company, talk to an attorney and seek out possible franchise mentors.


Not Keeping Up with the Books

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a pizza franchise owner is not doing your bookkeeping from the start. It’s easy to lose track of your finances as you make big moves. There’s a lot of money coming in and out. To keep yourself balanced and on-point with your spending, you must keep accounting in mind from day one.


Bad Timing

Marketing research includes checking out what all is going on in the area that you wish to open your pizza franchise. If there are other large franchises throwing big events or festivals that might draw attention away from you, it may not be the best time for your grand opening. If there is financial trouble in the city or maybe a large picket event, you also might want to hold off. Before you plan your startup, look at the city calendar and gather as much information as you possibly can on what’s happening around you to insure that your grand opening is the start of the week.