The Hop Knot: A Franchise System that Means Business


The Hop Knot: A Franchise System that Means Business

When it comes to starting up a new franchise, budding entrepreneurs should always consider whether or not a certain field is lucrative first. One field of business that remains hot all the time is food and drink establishments. With many established brands offering up opportunities for franchising, it’s a little harder to pick which names can be a success. However, there are still a few that stand a cut above the rest like us, here at The Hop Knot.

What People Will Love about Hop Knot

Food and beverage businesses are always in for many people. For that reason, many entrepreneurs often opt-in opening up such type of business. However, with lots of food stalls, there could be a possibility that yours would just become as generic as most of them, especially if you don’t know much about the field to stand out all the more. Franchising with us could be your best bet.

 Here at The Hop Knot, we do not just offer pieces of bread and beers. Rather, we serve them with a twist and provide a more fun atmosphere. For that reason, franchising with us would surely be favorable for you. People will definitely come back for more due to the different yet fun and solid concept and service that we provide.

To join us here at The Hop Knot, you’ll only need to invest as low as $46,000 and you can fully enjoy the perks and features that come along with it.

All-Out Support For You and Your Hop Knot

With just a little more than $40,000, you can have a good support system from us like operational and purchase support which is all the more helpful, especially for those who have just started out in the world of entrepreneurship. We will also help you how to market your new Hop and Knot business as we would also provide you such support. Need help in accounting and legal matters? We got you covered. Of course, that doesn’t stop there. We, here at The Hop and Knot, believe that it is also important to further the knowledge of our franchisees. Thus, we provide on-going research and development support for our franchisees. On top of that, you will also have pieces of training from our expert team to give you a better understanding of the business world for you to never stop growing.

Training to Implement a Successful Franchise Roll Out

Here at The Hop Knot, our support won’t just stop after you’ve completed your franchising payment. We want you to grow with us and for that reason, we will still support you by providing you pieces of training even years after you’ve joined our team. Each year, our support team will give you 2 sessions of refresher training programs. Aside from that, we’ll visit every franchisee for added on-going training as well.

With a strong support system, you’ll surely be able to make your business even more.

If you are one who wants to know more about this opportunity of teaming up with us here at The Hop Knot, visit us at or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. You may also call (860) 680-4105 or (860) 803-7712.


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