GrassRoots Widens its Reach through Franchising


GrassRoots Widens its Reach through Franchising


Lawn care business is growing these days as more people put prime on creating more pleasing and valuable properties to attract clients and promote a greener community. People are more willing to spend money on landscaping consultations and services.

Recently a commercial landscaping company made it to the New York’s Stock Exchange encouraging more competitors to provide landscaping services. As of May 2018, the opportunity for landscaping services is widening as demand from both residential and commercial establishments increased. More establishments are now adding lucrative projects on their capital expenditures.

According to market research provider, IBISWorld, every $1 spent on wages, the landscaping service industry will spend $0.10 in capital investment this year since it has low-level capital intensity. Landscaping service was also listed by Entrepreneur as one of the 55 Business Ideas.

The industry has $88 billion in revenue shares in the market and an annual growth of 4.7 percent. It also provides employment for approximately 1 million people in 511,736 landscaping service providers in the country. This is why GrassRoots decide to open up its franchise to business persons who want to provide service related to yard and garden maintenance.

GrassRoots’ History of Excellence

We at GrassRoots have been in the business for 16 years. Our family-owned business started in 2002 with the aim to change the lawn care service. We put primary emphasis on creating and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients – the reason why we are determined to provide only the best service.

GrassRoots only hires highly-skilled staff that excels in their respective fields and work-ethics. In 2017, GrassRoots was awarded the Excellence in Customer Service award given by the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce. The recognition was given to GrassRoots for consistently demonstrating exceptional service, setting it apart from its competitors.

For two consecutive years, GrassRoots has earned a top rating of 5 out of 5 stars in 2017 and 2018 based on The Pulse of the City News’ independent research. The much-coveted Star Award is only given to businesses that are able to combine superior construction product and excellent customer focus. The evaluation is based on the data collected from customer reviews online and offline, nominations, blogs, business rating, social media, surveys, and blogs.

GrassRoots’ Quality Services and Franchise

For 16 years, GrassRoots prides itself as a reliable company providing services for Weed Control, Mosquito Control, and Shrub Care. We go beyond providing pleasing yards and gardens because we believe a well-maintained lawn provide the best environment for your family.

Business owners who join GrassRoots growing franchisees will get top-notch support in operation, marketing, purchasing, legal, and ongoing research and development. If you decide to get a franchise, you are also assured of joining a team of experts who understand the impact of a weed-free and pest-free lawn in the community. With this kind of passion, you know your business with GrassRoots will stay relevant for years to come.


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