(FS10) Methods to Keep Your Franchises in Front of Your Audience

There are a lot more ways to keep yourself in the public eye and market your franchises with positive results.


Keep Your Name in Front of the Customers

You can start off slowly because constant advertising can be very expensive, but talk to your franchisor and work with them on creating a campaign that will keep your name in front of consumers on a local and national level if possible. This can be done through traditional advertising on TVs, radios, benches, and billboards, or through attending events that have something to do with your franchise or franchises in general. Use a combination of as many methods as you can in order to keep your name in front of the customers which will bring them to you as they think about you.


Select Media Your Franchise Can Afford and Use Them Frequently

Thanks to the internet, this job has been made a lot easier. You can advertise through social media websites like Facebook and Google+ by creating business pages for your business. You should also be aware that different channels will run ads at different costs, be it on the radio or on television. Different times will also have different costs. Consider prime time around 6PM, when your average 9-5er is home and with the family. This will cost far more than say something at 2am in the morning which will likely reach fewer people. So as you pick a media and a frequency you can afford, don’t approach ads like they’re a one-time thing. They’re an ongoing fee that will need to be worked into your budget.


Talk Only to People Who Can Buy Your Product

startup_franchise_planIn sales and marketing, time is money. You’re spending money without even knowing it by continuing to give your spiel to someone who isn’t going to buy your product anyways. That’s not to say ignore them. If you’re in retail, you know that a large percentage of the battle is just getting the customers attention. “Greet. Tell. Sell.” Is a motto that many retail associates live by. However if you find that the person you’re talking to has made it clear they aren’t going to buy your product, just excuse yourself gracefully. Here’s an example:


“Hello there, have you tried KittyBrand Cat Chow? Cats love it.”

“I don’t have a cat, sorry.”

“Quite alright. You have a great day.”


Boom. Done. Always try to leave a good impression, even with people who aren’t buying your product so later they will remember you for it. Here’s another example that’s a bit more negative:


“Hey, I see you shopping for furniture. We just got this awesome luxury couch in, imported from Germany—“

“Listen here buddy, we’re just looking. Can you just leave us alone?”

“Definitely, let me know if you need anything.”


And that’s how it’s done. Just remember that you’re representing the entire franchise and brand so it’s important to leave a good impression whether the customer is pleasant or rude.


Pool Your Resources with Other Franchises

By combining your resources with other franchises in the area, you can afford more when it comes to marketing. This is also to everyone’s benefit if you’re all in the same area as the paid advertisements will hit an audience in the same area and build your consumers all around town.


Check Out Local Media Discounts

Many businesses offer a discount if things are purchased in bulk. That can be the case for many media advertising outlets as well. When you’re planning to purchase advertisement, call them and ask ahead of time if they have any discounts for buying in bulk or if there are any other discounts.shutterstock_293732720

Create Cross-Selling Opportunities with Local Business Allies

It will be important that you don’t align with competitors, but with people who will only aid your business by complimenting what you do. In order to make that happen, it will be important to know what you sell, what your strengths are, and what goes best with your product. Think along the lines of how well soda pop goes with hamburgers and French fries, so a good business move would be to align a cross-selling strategy with a pop company. Take it a step further by creating business-to-business partnerships in your local market. Partner up with other businesses that compliment your own and perhaps direct traffic to one another through gift certificates or giveaways. It could be something as small as a real estate agency giving discounts or gift certificates at a curtain or furniture retailer or vice versa.


Monitor Your Results

It’s important to know what your stats are before and after you start advertising. This way you know exactly what has helped and what hasn’t. You’ll want to assess so you can figure out an alternative plan for what’s not working or how to strengthen what is working to pull in more consumers.


Become a Spokesperson for Your Product or Service

shutterstock_108327197This can be as informal as telling people about it on the streets to something bigger. One of the best (and cheapest) ways to market is to carry around business cards or wear business swag when you’re walking around. When people ask about the shirt you’re wearing or ask you where you work, it’s time to network and talk up your company. A personal connection is what can actually place a company in a special place of your consumer’s hearts and build new or long lasting customers.


Brand marking comes down to dollars and creating a one-of-a-kind personable experience. While you’re reaching out to contact hundreds, thousands, millions, or more, you want to make each interaction seem like it’s tailored for that individual, whether it’s through interaction, commercial, or billboard.


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