Franchise with GoLocal

GoLocal is a highly innovative marketing company that has launched a franchise program. Looking to expand your business portfolio? Franchising with GoLocal is an incredible and exciting opportunity for you.

The mission of GoLocal is to exceed customer expectations by providing excellent service quality and being a trusted and reliable business partner.

GoLocal is a successful franchisor and offers an efficient structure for basically launching, operating and more importantly growing your business. The franchisor’s framework is geared towards allowing franchisees to earn more while spending less effort and time than would have been the case if you started out on your own.

GoLocal is committed to all their franchisees. It is heavily invested in development plans for the future to enable the franchise owners to enjoy continued success and growth.

Are you sitting on the fence thinking whether or not to invest in a franchise? Here are all the reasons why you should definitely go for it.

More Freedom and Flexibility with a Better Franchise Marketing System

The three elements considered before investing in a franchise are mostly flexibility, money, and status. If you are seeking out a new career path, then these three might be very important to you. Flexibility has always been on top of the list for many individuals looking to trade a stable job for business. Money is also up there but seldom the most important factor. Status comes third on the list. It is not only about the title of say boss but also having a sense of purpose.

Owning, managing and successfully running a business under a franchise can give you all the above elements.

Higher Chances of Succeeding with proven business Model.

A lot of entrepreneurs possess the skills needed to run an already existing successful business. However, they lack the expertise necessary to start a business from scratch, from negotiating the terms for a lease to financing. With a franchise, all this is taken care of for you.

With GoLocal, your business has a really great shot at succeeding. According to franchising statistics, revenue from franchises account for over 2/3 of retail sales in the U.S. Impressed? It gets better. Government research reveals that the rate of success of franchises is significantly higher than independently owned small businesses. In short, the chances of succeeding in a franchise are statistically higher than starting your own business.

Collaboration and Team Work

The GoLocal model will allow your business to grow under one brand. What’s more, you get to share the benefits that come with being a part of a large business. Though you will own and manage your business independently, you will share in the organization’s collaborative benefits including:

  • Resources for group advertising that would otherwise not be available to independent, small business owners.
  • The added advantage of owning and managing a business under the guidance of a well-established, experienced and successful enterprise.
  • The benefit of proven and recognized designs, patents, trademarks and proprietary information.
  • Lower loss of your investments as compared to building up your business from scratch.
  • A great opportunity for you to boost your managerial skills within a business model that is established. This wouldn’t have been possible in a lot of employment situations.


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