For Immediate Release – May 2016

Announcing new locations and expansion of the eMaids franchise!
eMaids is excited to announce that they have expanded their franchise to seven locations across the nation. Based in New York, this full-service maid company has an amazing marketing system, brand, and approach to customer service that has entrepreneurs excited to get an opportunity to become a part of this company.

What makes this company so special? For starters, they are not just any cleaning service. They provide unique and environmentally friendly services to both their residential and commercial clients. They work hard to make sure all their clients have the cleaning service they need to maintain a safe, healthy household or office for everyone involved. They also look for franchise owners that can join them in this cleaning movement to make sure that they will be successful.
According to the management team at eMaids, “We only look for qualified franchisees that will be successful and part of our growing team. As a small company we are vested in the success of every franchise we open. We treat each franchisee as a member of our family.”
With that philosophy in mind coupled with state-of-the art technology, this company is going places. Their newest locations that will be opening soon as a part of their growing family is Tampa, Florida & Charlotte, North Carolina. They will be offering their environmentally safe cleaning services to all the residential and commercial locations both metro areas real soon.

About eMaids – eMaids Franchise was founded in 2014 in New York and has quickly expanded to cover seven regions across the nation. They attribute their success to a tried and true model of franchise growth and to their dedication to the best in the business. The company has a proven business model that focuses on the growth and success of each franchise owner. It has been considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. The company services areas including Houston, , San Diego , Las Vegas and Hudson County NJ.
Without the top of the line marketing plan in place, they might not have seen the kind of growth they have obtained in such a short time. They have implemented a proven method in marketing their brand and business and it ensures the new franchise owner will be successful.
Becoming a part of the OneStop Plumbers – Plumbing and Leak Detection family means you have access to the best technology and services out there to implement your new franchise, just as this newest franchise opening can attest to. This company is growing by leaps and bounds and shows no sign of stopping.
Contact the franchise office today to learn more about this brand new location opening or to see how you can join in this growing successful company yourself. You can reach the office locations with the contact information below or try out the unbeatable cleaning services for yourself.
Contact Information:
Franchise Marketing Systems
About eMaids
Phone: Scott Moss – 855-859-4706
Email: [email protected]