Eagle Sportz Franchise Model


Eagle Sportz Franchise Model

Eagle Sportz is an award-winning custom printing, embroidery, and promotional products service that has a gained a reputation as an innovator in this line of business. The company was launched in 2006 and is headquartered in White, Georgia. It specializes in designing and developing products such as banners digital signs, banners, and custom apparel for schools, sports teams, as well as large and small business and charity organizations.

Eagle Sportz is looking for potential franchisees that will help the business deliver the service to different territories across the country where customers need them. The company offers the following benefits to franchisees looking to open their own Eagle Sportz location.

Sound Business Model

During the ten plus years the franchisor’s business has been in operation it has developed systems that have earned it a reputation as an innovative, budget-friendly and reliable business service. From this model, the franchisor has developed a sound business model that will ensure profitability for franchisees.

By tapping on its experienced and qualified design staff, the franchisor has developed high impact products that are bound to resonate with existing and potential customers in new markets yet to be tapped.

Additionally, the company has developed a model that offers the service at no cost to the customer. Businesses, charity organizations, schools and sports teams will instead share revenue from sales proceeds to provide a no-risk option for customers who need the service. Franchisees will get to tap into virtually unlimited opportunities from these businesses looking to take advantage of their captive audiences to generate revenue from their events.

Low Startup Investment

Franchisees will get the opportunity to tap into this low investment startup with great opportunities for business and expansion. The business is home based and completely mobile. This not only reduces the cost of launching the business for franchisees but enables them to provide the service whenever it is needed across the country.

The franchise fee to start your own location is $25,000. The cost of investment is about $95,000 on average. This includes training and access to support staff. Franchisees will also get access to information on how to maximize their profits and improve the quality of service from the franchisor’s research department.

The company encourages their network of franchisees to work together to ensure that events across the country are adequately covered. Additionally, you can grow your franchise location at your own pace by starting with a single mobile unit or multiple units.

Quality Staff and Support

Eagle Sportz will provide the highest level of support for franchisees to ensure their franchise location runs smoothly. Every site will be in contact with the company’s graphic design and customer support staff regardless of where they are in the country. Training will be provided prior to opening your location to help you understand how all the critical aspects of the business.

The franchisor is looking for qualified franchisees with a positive entrepreneurial spirit, previous business experience, integrity, and good organization skills. The business is a low-cost opportunity with great potential for success and the company’s track record is proof of its viability.


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