Clubstore Outlet – Hot New Franchise Opportunity!!



07/13/15- Clubstore Outlet- Hot New Franchise Opportunity!!

Based upon the successful business concept founded by Tapp Palmer in 2008, “Clubstore Outlet” is a fun, exciting, and unique retail business gaining buzz in the franchise industry.  Mr. Palmer began opening his own wholesale club outlet stores in 2008 during the height of the recession, but found his store concept was extremely appealing to consumers looking for quality and value. Sales his first year were tremendous, and nearly doubled in year 2, proving he had something special. To date, he has assisted entrepreneurs in opening over 20 stores in 10 states using a defined business model providing a platform for effective retail businesses. The demand and interest of business investors and entrepreneurs led him to launch his store concept as a franchise, now rebranded and released asClubstore Outlet. What sets apart Clubstore Outlet from other retail stores is their high level of customer service while providing name-brand quality products (you would find in major wholesale clubs) at prices 25-50% lower, without membership fees. CSO is a discount outlet that models itself after big box stores, but on a much smaller scale, typically 3,000 – 5,000 sq. ft. They are able to provide products at such low prices by purchasing from the big wholesalers who are clearing out overstocked products, shelf-pulls, open box, damage box, and returned items. It’s truly a win-win for everyone. CSO is able to assist entrepreneurs in opening simple, fun and profitable stores, the wholesale club and big box retailers are able to quickly clear out their excess overstock and salvage making room for their new inventory, and the value-minded consumer is thrilled with the quality and prices as well as the ever-changing inventory CSO stores offer.

With over 50 years of combined retail experience, Clubstore Outlets are now offering a branded, consistent and defined franchise model.  Expected to double in size in 2016,  the Southeastern based company will be rapidly expanding across the U.S. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be part of the massive $390 Billion wholesale market segment with a unique business model that provides competitive advantages over anyone else in the market. When asked about the opportunity, Mr. Palmer says, “Our franchisees are thrilled with the incredibly low start-up costs required to open a Clubstore Outlet, as well as our hands on support from the very beginning stages of opening and throughout the life of their business. Our business model offers investors the opportunity to see strong returns in a very short time by utilizing the management skills we instill in them while following our simple system.” Upon joining Clubstore Outlet as a new franchisee, the support needed to jumpstart a franchisee’s business is initiated in the first week the franchise program begins with corporate training in Charleston, SC, (CSO’s Headquarters) and onsite training for the owner and their employees at the franchisee’s store. CSO provides new franchise owners with all of the support, guidance and tools they need to be successful with their own CSO store.  CSO will guide you from the beginning with the real estate search and lease negotiation for your location, to complete assistance with the layout and set-up of your store. The uncomplicated business model, low start-up costs, fast potential ROI and wide variety of markets to choose from make Clubstore Outlet a desirable franchise to invest in. If you are looking for the next easy, fun and profitable franchise to hit the market, CSO could be right for you!


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The strong, symbiotic business relationship between Clubstore Outlets and major wholesale clubs allows CSO to purchase high quality overstock merchandise and resell it at deep discounts in their storefronts to the general public with no membership fees. The merchandise consists of everything from non- perishable grocery items, cleaning and paper products, clothing, furniture, small appliances, electronics, TV’s, home décor, toys, patio furniture, housewares and much more. The weekly shipments contain a new and exciting variety of merchandise at jaw-dropping prices which keeps loyal shoppers coming back for more and spreading the word.


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