The Brake Repair Franchise Market

Owning a franchise can be an exciting adventure. Deciding what type of franchise you want to own, on the other hand, can be an overwhelming experience. There are a few franchise opportunities out there that are growing by leaps and bounds every month. They have proven trusted business models and offer a growth in the industry they are focused on. One such franchise opportunity you’ll find is the Alabama based Brakes for Less.

What is Brakes for Less?

The company is owned by Rodman Ross who started in the automotive industry at the young age of 19. When his father started teaching him the family business, he quickly caught on and wanted to join in. The company was later on sold when his father retired and Rod received experience in selling franchise from that. His experience has led him to where he is today and the amazing business model he has in place.

Brakes for Less is a franchise location that offers top quality customer service to those who need brake repairs, tune-ups on their vehicle, and other automotive maintenance needs. This is a great business that offers growth and potential for growth in a variety of aspects. This also provides services that everyone will need and they want a trusted mechanic and name brand they can confide their safety in.

Proven Franchise Model

The Brakes for Less franchise model is one that is proven to give you the potential for a great return on investment.  The brake repair franchise model leverages decades of experience in the automotive industry and franchise segment providing franchisees with the tools, systems and processes needed to skip the learning curve and become a leader in their market in a much shorter time period.  The investment up front is a relatively low one and you’ll see a return within the first year. You’ll find great training and support from the franchise team making sure you get up and running without a hitch. There are two phases of training to make sure you understand the ins and outs of both the cooperate side and the on-site side of the business.

This proven model is perfect for your new franchise location to make sure you’re a success with a proven brand image. You’ll also gain continued support from the team to help you through your grand opening and through the time of your ownership of the franchise.

Great Opportunity

With the Brakes for Less franchise, you’ll find there’s a tremendous opportunity for growth in this industry. The services offered are something everyone will need and you can offer them the best of the best at your location. Work with a team that has already proven it’s success and that has a known image and marketing plan in place. You’ll be able to start your location in the area of your choice while working with a trusted and supportive company.

Be your own business owner by getting in the Brakes for Less company while you can. This is a great successful company that has proven time and time again it has the franchise model down. You can easily be a part of the family and start your own location with the support you need to get a great ROI. Make sure to call today or start the process online to see how you can become a part of the Brakes for Less family!

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