BookATailor: A Custom Fit Franchise Made for Success

Jacomo Hakim, self-made millionaire and CEO of Bookatailor, made the best statement about the company in Fox’s The Today Show. He stated that they want to make America look great again. The start-up company is run by family members and caters to the masses with its custom made bespoke suits for men and women.
Bookatailor makes custom made apparel by going straight to your doorsteps and getting the measurements done for you. This is an innovative move for this kind of trade as people do not have the amount of time it takes to go to the malls and shops to have their measurements done. People also want to be in the privacy of their own home and not have them measured in front of a crowd. This was a problem that Bookatailor wanted to solve. They wanted to let customers take charge of their time and wanted to let customers take control of what they want.

The company values quality with its choice of fabric and quality of brand. They have different varieties of fabrics that fit your needs and great designs to choose from. And you get to choose which ones you like at the comfort of your home.

Bookatailor is self-sufficient and independent in the assembly of the apparel which speeds up the delivery time. Clothes are ready in a short time of just four to six weeks. This is a real innovation for this kind of trade as the availability of the suits take a shorter time than the traditional pattern.

And who’s to say about the past failure of the start-up? The Bookatailor franchise started as a mall kiosk which wasn’t successful at first. As Jacomo said in the daily show, it was a learning lesson. He sat down and wrote the problems that badgered the initial business. He was keen at identifying his losses and learned how to create a new approach for the business. Jacomo has the passion for learning from his mistakes, and to think he does not hail from the tailoring business. He is an entrepreneur who has the intensity to keep learning from what he does.

Bookatailor currently has 15 showrooms across America and can get to your doorstep fast with their company smart cars. Nobody deserves the best service more than you. The company has that in mind and wants to prove it with the highest quality of service.

Bookatailor is 100% bespoke. Unlike most of the company’s competitors, Bookatailor takes pride in creating handcrafted patterns from scratch to fit your individuality. The company does not take from existing standard patterns and customize them to fit your body. The suits are handcrafted just for you!

The company is also open for franchising across the United States. The company prides itself with its attractive business model, an edge in the market, proven concepts on retail kiosk and showroom, state-of-the-art production facility and appealing modern designs.

Bookatailor will make sure you get the full support in every step of the way if you are open to a business relationship. The company will help you with the operation of your kiosk, showroom and store, visual merchandising, and marketing materials among others.

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