Bonworth is an Excellent Choice for Both the Budding and Experienced Entrepreneur


Bonworth is an Excellent Choice for Both the Budding and Experienced Entrepreneur


Fashion brand BonWorth has been in the industry for several decades now and it has since made a name for itself through its stylish and comfortable clothing line. Now, the company is more than willing to open its doors to new members to its growing family by offering franchising opportunities for those interested. It’s not just a lucrative business opportunity for some as BonWorth is offering quite the bargain for interested franchisees.


Bonworth is an established name in the industry with 40 years of experience. Through these decades, the company has built more than 160 stores situated in strategic locations at 33 states and to keep up with the times, the clothing brand has also established quite the presence in the online community through Facebook.


The clothing brand is known for many things but if it is focused down to a cinch, then the company’s adherence to comfort and style would come to mind. BonWorth will forever be known for its style and it expansive inventory. It should be no surprise now but becoming a franchisee for this company could be very lucrative. But of course, BonWorth offers more than just a long history and an amazing selection.


Support Plan to execute the BonWorth Franchise Model


Being the experienced business that it is, BonWorth will provide an extensive and in-depth support plan for its franchisees. This support includes operational support, marketing support, purchasing support, accounting, audit, & regal, and ongoing research and development. By securing these areas, BonWorth is able to guarantee that its franchisee will be aided out every step of the way.


Training and Development to Make you a Successful Part of the BonWorth family


Once a budding entrepreneur decides to become a part of BonWorth’s growing family, they’ll be given training in various fields. They will receive initial training and onsite training, to begin with. In the long run, BonWorth will provide a refresher training biannually and it will continuously help the franchisee grow through an ongoing support training program.


Startup Investment to Open your Own BonWorth Franchise


BonWorth franchising starts at a competitive price of $30,000. Minimal start-up cost can go as low as $123,126 depending on a few factors. It’s a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start a business on a capped budget. The highest a start-up could cost is around $190,375 but the average an entrepreneur could spend is only $150,000.


BonWorth sets the Industry Standards


As expected, BonWorth has a few standards and expectations for its franchisees. This includes having to meet investment standards, having a great sense of timing and management, above all others. With these fair and plausible standards, BonWorth is able to guarantee that only the best of the best are carrying its name in various areas in the US.


Through the training and the benefits provided by the franchise program, newcomers in business will be able to develop a new set of skills that are apt for the market. For experienced entrepreneurs, they’ll benefit from added learning, and a strong brand recognition tied to BonWorth. With these benefits and advantages said, it should go without saying that BonWorth is one key to success that we shouldn’t overlook.


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