Artificial Turf Franchise Industry Growth

Artificial Turf Franchise Industry Growth

If you’re looking for a new franchise opportunity to take advantage of, the IntelliTurf franchise is one to watch. This company is based out of Atlanta, GA and offers a top-quality business model to follow. There are many reasons this franchise is a good idea but perhaps you’re wondering why it would work for you. Here are several reasons you should consider for making your new franchise choice IntelliTurf.

Low Investment to Startup and Launch the Turf Installation Franchise

One key in getting started with any franchise is the start-up investment. Some franchises can cost quite a large amount just to get your business going. That is not the case with IntelliTurf. They offer a low investment to start up your own business with them and this helps to grow your company and make profits right from the beginning.

High Profit Margin Potential

Another aspect you’re probably wondering about is the profit margin. Is there money to be made in artificial turf installation? The answer is yes. Absolutely. The business model set up by IntelliTurf is one that is built to help you succeed in being a franchise owner. It is a proven model that has worked for years and yields a high profit margin for owners. This is just another reason why you should consider joining this franchise opportunity now so that you can take part in a huge profit potential, while you’re helping your community.

Residential and Commercial Applications

This business is not just for residential locations or commercial locations. It is usable in both aspects and many locations are turning to this type of grass for their establishment. Playgrounds at schools, senior living homes, schools, and even residential homes are turning to companies like IntelliTurf to set up their beautiful yards. You can take advantage of that need and desire for this type of lawn product by starting a business designed specifically to address this need and growing demand.

The artificial turf market has expanded by a mind-blowing 7.5% per year since 2010:

Added Value in Turf vs. Traditional Grass

One of the reasons you’ll find that the turf business is increasing in value is the need for water and in many markets the shortcomings of water supply. Many parts of the country go without water for lengthy periods of time and their lawns or locations look less than desirable. By adding in artificial turf, they always have beautiful green lawns. Because of this lack of access to water in certain areas, the artificial turf industry is booming. The cost of water has increased exponentially as a result of the water supply being an issue in most areas of the U.S. You can be a part of it by starting your own franchise to meet the need in your community.

Simple, Easy, and Large Territories

When it comes to the franchise model, training and territory, the opportunity is significant in the turf sales and turf installation market segment. Working with IntelliTurf provides simple, easy training methods that will help you succeed from the start of your ownership. The territories offered are quite large making it easy for you to grow your business quickly and efficiently. Couple that with a proven business model and you’re on your way to a profitable growing business with great potential for expansion.

Call today or take a look at the website to see why you should consider IntelliTurf your franchise opportunity of today. You can easily supply the need of your local community with a great product and service they are searching for.